1988 Acura Legend SRS

Another important Legend system is the Supp1ementa1 Restraint System (SRS), available on Sedan LS and Coupe LS versions. The SRS consists of a driver's side air bag and knee bolster. The system was designed specifically for the Legend by Honda Research and Development Co." Ltd. and incorporates numerous patented innovations to help assure the system's integrity and reliability.

The SRS is designed to supplement the driver's three-point seat belt. The system includes four impact detecting sensors, two positioned in the front of the car and two in the passenger compartment. When the sensors detect a potentially dangerous frontal impact, they activate a propellant that inflates the air bag located in the steering wheel hub. For the air bag to inflate, one front sensor and one passenger compartment sensor must simultaneously detect the impact.

Then, within 30-40 milliseconds, the air bag is in position to cushion the driver's head and upper torso. At the same time, vents in the bag regulate escaping air to soften the impact.

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