2009 Honda Fit - Body - Styling

New super-forward aero-form design for a sporty look

The new super-forward aero-form design gives the new Fit a sporty look. A more expansive windshield and large front quarter windows improve visibility and make the cabin feel even more spacious. A distinctive honeycomb grille is matched with larger, more sharply styled headlights to create an assertive look. Fluid, arcing lines futher highlight the sleek contours of the upper body's aerodynamic form.


• Dynamic, super-forward aero-form design NEW
• Larger front quarter windows for enhanced visibility NEW
• Distinctive honeycomb grille NEW
• Larger, sharply styled headlights NEW
• Larger side mirrors NEW
• Fuel tank lid with push-lift opener NEW

Front view: Sharpness and stability

Viewed from the front, the Fit features a tapered design that gathers toward the centerline to highlight the super-forward cabin.The solidly shaped bumper and large, sharply styled headlights create an assertive look. The honeycomb mesh upper grille gives the car a sporty flare, while the wide lower grille lends it an air of stability. The area between the lower grille and the wheel housing is flared outward to emphasize the car's low center of gravity.



The multi-reflector halogen headlights are larger and more sharply styled. Further refined center tank layout and improved packaging efficiency provide for a class-leading cargo volume of 20.6 cubic feet.


Side mirrors

The mirror surface is 30 percent larger to secure a broader field of vision. While the mirror is slightly larger, the side mirror stay has been made significantly smaller and repositioned at the base of the front quarter window for a more graceful side-window design.

Side view: Forward-leaning stance accentuates forward cabin design

The new Fit's dynamic, forward-leaning stance is accentuated by a single, fluid line running all the way from the nose to the roof peak, which is positioned further back to add headroom for rear passengers. This unique form fuses dynamism and solidity. The line extending from the front pillar to the roofline is given the look of a longbow by varying the thickness over its length. It is matched with dynamic surface changes in the lower body section creating sharp character lines that seem to flow out of the mass for a bold, spirited look. This is completed by heavily flared, robust rear fenders, for a broad-shouldered, tough look.



Fuel tank lid

The fuel tank lid blends seamlessly with the body's monoform styling thanks to the use of a push-lift opener that eliminates the need for a lift tab. The lid seamlessly blends into the body.

Rear profile: Spaciousness and stability

Broad, solid contours running from the rear fenders to the tailgate give the Fit an air of stability. The contrasting, powerful lower body lines and compact upper body design around the rear quarter-glass and roof-end serve to highlight the spacious interior and give the cabin a light, airy feel.


Eight body colors, including four new colors

A broad lineup of exterior colors is available to suit a variety of tastes.

Taffeta White NEW
Crystal Black Pearl NEW
Blue Sensation Pearl NEW
Orange Revolution Metallic NEW
Milano Red
Blackberry Pearl
Tidewater Blue Metallic
Storm Silver Metallic

The interior fabric in the Fit is gray, while the Fit Sport wears black inside.


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