Honda Interactive Online Game Debuts

Revving engines and squealing tires announce the newest Honda products showcased on the "Honda Adventure Game," an online interactive game making its debut on the new CR-V micro site

Adding to the appeal of its already industry leading Web site, American Honda has launched the interactive multi-player game alongside the all new CR-V. From either site, visitors can access a unique Honda experience translating the fun to drive and sporty characteristics of Honda products into an online environment.

The online game features multiple-race environments, the first of which is called "Scavenger Hunt." Offering single and multi-player modes, "Scavenger Hunt" enables players to acquire points by collecting Honda logos placed randomly throughout a street and off-road course. As one logo is collected, the location of the next logo is revealed. The goal of the single-player "Scavenger Hunt" is to collect all of the Honda icons in the shortest time possible, while multi-player "Scavenger Hunt" participants aim to collect more points than their opponents. A second game environment will debut in early 2002.

Aside from its single and multi-player capability, the game will support 2D or 3D graphics by "sniffing" the hardware of each user's PC. If the user's PC can support 3D graphics, the 3D game version is sent. If not, the game default is the 2D version. To further enhance the gaming experience, a player chat room, instant text messaging and email challenges are included. The chat room feature allows players to find their friends or other players to race against, and to select game settings (number of laps, etc). Players can taunt each other while racing using the instant text-messaging feature, or play alone and issue challenges to friends via email. The challenge email includes the sender's best time, an invitation to play and a link to the game site. With all these features, the best enhancement is a short loading time.

Controls are easy to use since a joystick is not required, and the overall game experience is challenging enough to have players coming back for more. Players can choose from several products in the Honda lineup including the S2000, Civic Coupe, and CR-V. Players will find that a bit of offensive and defensive driving strategy is needed to negotiate time limits, other cars and obstacles (oil slicks, water, bumps, mud holes) on their way to the finish line.

The Honda Adventure Racing game is compatible with Windows 95® through 2000, and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems running Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater.

Visitors who play the game have the opportunity to win one of many prizes, including the grand prize of a new 2002 Honda CR-V. Other prizes include Motorola® 2- way messaging communicators, MP3 players, Canon® Digital Elph cameras, and Compaq® pocket PCs.

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