2005 Honda Odyssey Interior - Part 2
Sophisticated Luxury Meets Comfort and Functionality

Instrument Panel and Controls

The instrument panel and controls reflect the style and sophistication of the 2005 Odyssey in addition to the typical Honda attention to detail and class leading ergonomics. The deeply sculpted two-tone dashboard is similar to designs used on fine luxury sedans. Careful attention has been paid to shape, tactile feel, fit and finish on every surface and control ranging from the metallic decor trim pieces to the available flipdown 8-inch navigation screen on models with the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. The instrument panel is sloped so that both primary and secondary controls are within easy reach.

Instruments and gauges are housed in a pod directly in front of the driver and feature a progressive meter illumination program that begins when the driver enters the vehicle. The LX, EX and EX with Leather trim levels include a tachometer, an illuminated and easy-to-read speedometer with two LCD digital trip odometers, a main LCD digital odometer and a smart maintenance display that tracks oil life and other maintenance items. The fuel gauge and temperature gauge are to the right of the speedometer, and a gear selector indicator is to the left. Various indicator lights for SRS, ABS, oil pressure, battery, etc., are also housed in the main instrument pod. The Touring model adds a Multi-Information Display that shows fuel economy, independent tire pressures, compass information, miles to empty and smart maintenance information along with user-customizable options throughout the vehicle (see following pages for a more detailed description).

Further refinement to the controls includes an instrument panel mounted gear-shift lever within convenient reach from the steering wheel. The shifter now features a button to engage and disengage the overdrive feature of the transmission for towing and/or driving in hilly terrain.

CPU-controlled functions such as the various warning systems, illumination intensity, intermittent wipers, power windows, etc., are divided among three separate CPUs. Communication between the CPU is via a multiplex data bus. This takes considerably less wiring and is quicker and easier to install and service.

The driver's SRS module is housed in the steering wheel. Cruise control, as well as audio controls on EX and above models, and MID controls on Touring models, are also mounted on the steering wheel. The windshield wiper controls and lighting controls are also mounted on stalks on either side of the steering wheel, in typical Honda fashion.

On/off buttons for the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and traction control are mounted on the instrument panel, just to the left of the steering wheel, as are controls for the available power moonroof (EX with Leather and Touring) and dual sliding doors (EX and above). Illuminated power window and lock controls are mounted on the driver's door. EX and above models feature illuminated steering wheel controls for the audio system and cruise control switch.

Power Adjustable Pedals

The Odyssey Touring model has power-assisted adjustable pedals designed to appeal to drivers of various heights for enhanced flexibility. The pedals can be adjusted forward and back by as much as 76mm (2.9 inches).

Air Conditioning with Air-Filtration System

The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system uses two air-conditioning condensers and two heater cores to create a dual zone climate control for front and rear passengers on all trim levels. One set of controls serve the front of the interior and one set serves the rear passenger area. The high capacity condenser for the air-conditioning system has an internal receiver tank that first runs the liquid refrigerant through a sub-cooling condenser, then to the main condenser. The system is efficient and lightweight compared to traditional setups.

Inside, the front controls on the Odyssey LX are mounted centrally on the center console for easy accessibility and feature large rotary knobs and electrical switches. Air conditioning and a micron air-filtration system are standard. Both the front and the rear systems can be controlled from the driver's HVAC panel, or the driver can switch control of the rear system to the panel in the rear passenger compartment.

The Odyssey's rear air-conditioning system provides a separate five-speed blower control located in the rear passenger compartment ceiling, along with a selector for overhead air conditioning or foot level heated air. Second row and third row outboard seating positions feature individually adjustable air conditioning vents in the ceiling, much like those in commercial aircraft passenger cabins. The vents can also be shut off completely.

Automatic Climate Control

In addition to above standard features, Odyssey EX and EXL models feature a dual zone Automatic Climate Control System (with a digital display) and can maintain a constant, pre-selected temperature individually for driver's and front passenger's seating areas. If desired, the rear passengers can select temperature and fan settings on a rear-mounted set of manual dial controls (independently from the front climate zone).
Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control

The Odyssey Touring model provides a Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control system.

This system allows the front driver, front passenger and rear passengers to select independent temperature settings. In the 2005 Odyssey, the passengers in the rear seats can enjoy more liberal air conditioning controls than in the conventional model. For the rear, the independent automatic climate control system features a digital display for the temperature and fan. Those in the rear can independently select a temperature setting different from the front zones and it will be maintained automatically. The 5-step fan setting can also be controlled automatically or manually.

Audio Systems

The Odyssey's audio system provides a wide variety of features and options for each trim level. The LX models feature an AM/FM stereo radio with a CD player and an auxiliary input (four speakers, 120 watts). EX models add a six-disc in-dash CD changer and come pre-wired for accessory XM Satellite Radio equipment (six speakers, 120 watts). Steering wheel mounted audio controls are standard on EX and above models. The audio system and the available Honda DVD Entertainment System can both be controlled by voice recognition on EX with Leather and Touring models equipped with the available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System.

Premium Audio System (Touring)

The Touring model provides a premium audio system with a 360-watt amplifier and a total of seven speakers (including a subwoofer) in addition to the impressive features already found on EX models. For superb sound quality, the four front and rear speakers are a 17cm Kevlar- injected polypropylene mid-range speaker. The front tweeters use aluminum dome construction for enhanced high-frequency sound clarity. The compact, large capacity subwoofer is positioned under the front passenger seat.

XM® Satellite Radio

Odyssey EX, EX models with Leather and the Touring model come pre-wired for XM Satellite Radio equipment that can be added as a dealer-installed accessory. XM Satellite Radio is a factory-installed feature on models that have the available factory installed Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System (EX with Leather and Touring models). After a 90-day free trial service, customers will have the option to subscribe to XM Satellite Radio on these models, which includes 120 radio stations including music, news, sports, talk, local weather, traffic and other entertainment in a CD-quality digital format. The XM radio display can indicate the artist's name, track title, XM channel and category of music.

Active Noise Control (ANC)

The 2005 Honda Odyssey uses advanced technology to create one of the quietest automotive interiors on the road. Models equipped with the leather interior (which includes some EX models and the Touring model) have Active Noise Control (ANC). The ANC system uses a microphone at the front of the vehicle interior to create "anti-noise" through the audio system speakers.

More specifically, the audio system analyzes the sound waves entering the cabin, and then instantaneously creates an opposite sound wave (anti-noise) to cancel the unwanted noise. This helps reduce interior engine noise that may occur during certain cycles with the Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system on EX with Leather and Touring models. The system also reduces road noise and numerous other external sound factors. The end result is a superbly quiet cabin typical of vehicles in the pure luxury class of automobiles. The system will not counteract voices inside the cabin whether desired or not.

Honda DVD Entertainment System with 9-Inch Display, Integrated Remote Control, and Wireless Headsets with Personal Surround Sound

The Odyssey can be equipped with an available factory-installed Honda DVD Entertainment System for rear passengers. This multi-faceted system features a 9-inch wide screen LCD display (the largest factory-installed screen available in a minivan) that flips down from the ceiling at the push of a button for easy viewing. The extended capabilities of the system allow for either DVD, CD, radio, available XM Radio and auxiliary accessories (such as video games, VCRs or cameras) to be played in the rear seating areas through headphones while the front passengers listen to a different audio source.

The DVD player can be conveniently controlled from three sources - the front audio system controls, the integrated wireless remote control (that stores near the LCD screen), or through voice activation on models equipped with the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. Additional audio and video input jacks allow for a wide variety of additional equipment ranging from camcorders to VCRs to game consoles - to be attached to the system. The system comes complete with two infrared (IR) wireless headphones and a wireless remote control as standard equipment. For convenient night use, the remote control is illuminated.

The wireless headphones and auxiliary headphone jacks (in the third row) provide personal surround sound technology (a minivan first) to simulate a home theater audio experience. Two wireless headphones are included. A safety feature on the wireless headphone system prevents front row passengers from using the headphones. The wireless headphones are automatically activated when the ear pieces are turned approximately 90 degrees (to be put on) and deactivated when the headphones are turned 90 degrees (to be taken off). The automatic on/off system reduces the possibility that the AAA battery-powered headphones could be accidentally left on.

Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and Integrated Rearview Camera

The Honda Satellite-Linked DVD Honda Navigation System represents the latest and most intelligent navigation system from Honda to date with greatly enhanced capabilities for 2005. This industry leading system features advanced voice recognition, a larger 8-inch touch screen display (+2-inch), and an expanded database that covers virtually all U.S. roads and 7 million points of interest (compared to four million or less for many systems currently on the market).

Major improvements and highlights for the new 2005 Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System include:

  • Larger screen size (8-inch is 2 inches larger), fonts, buttons and touchscreen keyboard;
  • Improved 3-D freeway interchange display (with split screen mode) that shows individual lanes graphically (previously 2-D on 2004 Odyssey);
  • Fully integrated rear-view back-up camera;
  • Complete Zagat Survey™ restaurant guide (voice system can read review);
  • Voice recognition identifies street names and numbers and minimizes need for manual entry (first navigation system in North America with full address voice input);
  • Honda DVD Entertainment System is linked to Voice-Activation;
  • Up to five waypoints can be used for planning a trip;
  • More intuitive map details, icons and general commands;
  • A more comprehensive destination guide with 7 million points of interest (previously 3.7 million on 2004 Odyssey) provides a business and recreation directory of virtually the entire continental United States with local addresses and business phone numbers.
  • Destination guide categories include restaurants (searchable by type of cuisine), lodging, shopping, travel, banking, emergency, leisure, auto service and more;
  • Voice recognition system linked to audio and HVAC system (new feature);
  • Day/Night visualization modes with user-selectable screen appearance; and
  • Enhanced menus and improved surface street mapping (new layout); and
  • XM® Satellite Radio information display with detailed programming data.

Honda navigation systems have long been recognized for their simple, intuitive operation and extensive on-board database. When navigating freeways, a split screen design enhances on-screen information with a "map view" and "3-D" route visualization of freeways simultaneously- which helps make navigation information easier to understand. The system is linked to the car's audio system, so driving instructions can be heard over the speaker system, and the voice recognition feature adds a new realm of control to the navigation system.

The Honda Satellite-Linked DVD Navigation System uses Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) in combination with detailed information from the vehicle's DVD-based mapping system to pinpoint the vehicle's location and to provide a host of useful mapping and route guidance features. The antenna can utilize up to 12 satellites from a network of 24 global positioning satellites. If the antenna is obstructed by a tunnel, a parking garage or a tall building, an internal gyroscopic system and a speed sensor track the location of the vehicle so that the map information remains current and reliable. The vehicle clock is independently controlled by GPS data, so when time zones are crossed while driving the clock will automatically set itself to the current time.

Turn-by-turn voice guidance is user selectable in either male or female voice and can be turned off at any time. Destination memory recalls current trip addresses and previous destinations; and calendar and calculator with English to metric number converter is standard.

The navigation system can be controlled by the driver through either the voice recognition system, the touch screen display, or by the joystick on the instrument panel. The voice recognition system works when the "talk" button, located on the steering wheel, is depressed. When spoken to, the system recognizes commands such as "find nearest gas station," or "find nearest ATM" and can also recognize street names. The voice recognition system has a vocabulary of approximately 637 commands and can recognize virtually any English-spoken accent.

The 8-inch LCD display is a touch screen that allows the driver or front passenger to choose menu options or spell out a word (i.e. address, business name, place, etc.) through a touch-sensitive keypad. (The keypad can be set to alphabetical or a QWERTY typewriter-style layout.) Alternatively, the joystick can be used to highlight menu options or to highlight specific letters on the keypad to complete a word. A matte finish is used on the display to reduce glare and smudging. When disc loading is selected for the 6-disc CD changer, the motorized screen conveniently tilts down to allow access to the CD loader located behind the screen.

For data storage, the system uses a single DVD that contains information for the entire United States. Future updates to the navigation system can be made by installing an updated DVD (available on-line or by calling a toll free number).

The available rearview camera is automatically activated when the vehicle is put in reverse. A color camera is located near the rear license plate and has a wide-angle lens.

Multi Information Display (MID)

To keep the driver informed of the vehicle's status and to access multiple electronic functions, the Odyssey Touring model has a Multi-Information Display (MID). This LCD dot matrix backlit screen and its push-button controls are located on the right side of the steering wheel. The MID is the interface for odometer/trip odometer, outside temperature, compass, trip computer with miles to empty etc., custom memory settings, and vehicle warnings. Maintenance Minder alerts are also presented via the MID (see the Engine section of this press kit for more detail on Maintenance Minder).

The Odyssey's MID system works with the Touring model's front and rear parking sensors to display when something might be in the path of the vehicle while parking. It can show when an object may be near the corners or directly behind the vehicle as a supplement to the driver's visual check. The corner sensor also operates when the vehicle is driving at a low speed.

The MID makes it easy to customize the function of many electronic features in the Odyssey. Custom settings include automatic door locking/unlocking, door unlock selection, keyless entry acknowledgement feedback (audible sound when doors are locked/unlocked), security re-lock timer, headlight auto-off timer and interior light dimming timer. To make it easy to track warnings (such as "Check fuel cap," or Maintenance Minder warnings) displayed on the MID, a memory feature lets you scroll through previous warnings for review.

In total, a dozen user-configurable options exist, including: auto door lock and unlock, keyless lock acknowledgment, keyless relock timer, headlight auto off timer, interior light dimming time, front wiper action, outside temperature display and calibration, language selection, compass calibration, average fuel economy reset and memory seat link.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is standard equipment on all Odyssey models. LX models feature keys with built-in transmitters that have lock, unlock and panic buttons. EX and EX with Leather models add to the LX features with a programmable key fob that provides additional buttons for opening and closing the power sliding doors remotely. The fob can also roll down the first and second row windows by holding down the unlock button. The key can also perform the same function in the door lock cylinder, and roll up the windows, too, by turning to lock or unlock positions accordingly and holding. On Touring models, the key fob transmitter has an additional button that can raise and lower the power tailgate.

Antitheft Features and Wave Key

The new Odyssey is protected by a variety of anti-theft features. All models now feature the "wave" key for door and ignition and locks. This type of lock and key combination is much more resistant to copying and "picking" than conventional designs. Door and hood locks and their operating cables are now more thoroughly protected to prevent a "Slim Jim" or other jimmying device from being used to force entry. The engine immobilizer system used on the 2005 Odyssey shut down the engine's electronic control unit (ECU) has been further enhanced with the addition of a rolling code.

12V DC and 115V Power Outlets

The Odyssey has three 12V DC power outlets - two in the front and one near the third row. The Touring model is equipped with a 115-volt power inverter (100 watts) in the third row for operating a wide range of equipment including game consoles, mobile phone chargers or similar items. The power outlet features a rotating protective cover (similar to those used in a home for child-proofing) to enhance safety.

HomeLink® Remote System

The Odyssey EX and Touring model feature a HomeLink® universal remote system, built into the overhead map-light module. The system can be programmed with the codes of up to three devices, such as a garage-door opener, home security system, etc.

Interior Lighting

Significant attention has been paid to the interior lighting of the Odyssey from the placement of individual map lights to the ambient lighting on the center console (standard on EX and Touring models). The console is illuminated during night driving by an overhead light that bathes the console in a subtle glow. The power window switches in all four doors are also internally illuminated.

All totaled, as many as 8 interior lights exist on the top-of-the line models (7 on the LX). The individual map lights in the Odyssey are designed to illuminate an area large enough and bright enough so that a seated passenger can read by it. As the light continues to the floor, the beams overlap so that they illuminate the entire floor area, making it easier to see when getting in and out of the vehicle. A master switch, located on the center console, can also control the lights. With it, the driver can switch the system on or off, or have it come on automatically when the doors are opened.

Upon vehicle entry and exit, the lighting system features progressive illumination. When the door is opened, the instrument brightness turns on at about 10 percent. When the key is put in the ignition, the illumination ramps up to 100 percent. When the ignition is turned on, the illuminated instrument needles and related lights come on, indicating that all systems are go. After driving, the process reverses itself. The entire process is purposely subtle, but illustrates the level of detailed engineering built into the Odyssey's interior.

Integrated 2nd Row Sunshades

Integrated second row sunshades are standard on Odyssey EX and Touring models. The retractable shades are integrated into the lower portion of the side doors and can be easily pulled up and secured via a hook on the upper portion of the window sash. The shades cover the majority of the glass and do not affect power window operation. Third row sunshades are available as an accessory.

UV Resistant Privacy Glass

All Odyssey models come equipped with UV resistance privacy glass with dark tinting on the windows in the second and third rows. The Odyssey's glass filters Ultra Violet (U.V.) light that results in less interior fade over time, lower cabin temperatures on hot days and more efficient interior cooling. In addition to UV resistance, the second and third row windows feature deep-tinted privacy glass.

Outward Visibility

Excellent outward visibility is a hallmark of Honda design and a key feature for the 2005 Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey provides excellent sight lines for the driver in all key areas including a commanding eye point level of 1378mm (54.2 inches) and a short forward invisible length of 6.6m (21.7 feet). Forward invisible length is the distance a driver needs to look to see the ground in front of the vehicle.

Dealer Installed Accessories (Interior, Body and Powertrain)

The 2005 Odyssey is more customizable than ever with a wide range of accessories for the interior, body and powertrain. The following items are available on some or all trim levels:

  • XM® Satellite Radio Tuner
  • Subwoofer
  • MP3 Player (CD-style)
  • 6 Disc In Dash CD Changer
  • Cassette Player
  • Security System (LX)
  • Color Matched Back-Up Sensors
  • Auto Day/Night Mirror with Compass
  • All-Season Floor Mats
  • Cargo Organizer
  • Cargo Mat
  • Cargo Tray
  • Cargo Net
  • Cargo Board
  • Table Legs (Converts portion of Cargo Board into table)
  • PlusOne Console
  • Wood Trim Kit
  • Leather Steering Wheel Cover
  • Ash Tray
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Gold Emblem Kit
  • Splash Guards
  • Door Edge Guards
  • Fenderwell Trim
  • Towing Package (including Trailer Hitch, Automatic Transmission Fluid Cooler, Power Steering Fluid Cooler, Air Duct, and Wire Harness)
  • Door Visors
  • Fog Lights
  • Nosemask
  • 3rd Row Sunshade
  • Moonroof Visor
  • Air Deflector
  • Aero Kit (Front, Rear, and Side Underbody Kit)
  • Wheel Locks
  • Roof Rack (LX)
  • Crossbars
  • Ski Attachment
  • Snowboard Attachment
  • Surfboard Attachment
  • Upright Bike Attachment
  • Luggage Basket
  • Short Box
  • Mid-Size Box
  • Kayak Attachment
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