2005 Honda Odyssey Overview - Part 2

Powertrain: Advanced Technology for Economy and Performance

New Features:

  • 255 horsepower (+15 hp),
  • 250 lb.-ft. torque(+8 lb.-ft.),
  • SOHC i-VTEC V-6 with Variable Cylinder ManagementTM(VCMTM)
  • Federal Tier 2 Bin 5, California LEV2-ULEV emissions
  • EPA highway fuel economy of 28 mpg (models with VCM)

The 2005 Honda Odyssey receives a 15 horsepower (6 percent) boost compared to the 2004 model and an increase in EPA highway fuel economy by as much as 12 percent on models with the i-VTEC VCM engine. Two engine choices are available for the first time ever on the Odyssey - a SOHC VTEC V-6 and a SOHC i-VTEC V-6 with Variable Cylinder ManagementTM (VCMTM). The 2005 Odyssey engine only requires regular unleaded gasoline, which provides a long-term cost-of-ownership advantage compared to some competitor minivans that require premium unleaded fuel to achieve maximum horsepower rating.

Variable Cylinder Management (standard equipment on EX with Leather and Touring models) increases fuel efficiency by "shutting off" three of the engine's six cylinders during cruising and deceleration. For performance, the engine operates on all six cylinders during acceleration and heavy load situations. The system works seamlessly and is transparent to the driver in feel and sound.

In fact, the Odyssey models with VCM are especially quiet because those vehicles are equipped with Active Noise Control (ANC) technology that works with the audio system to effectively cancel inherent noise produced by the VCM system (along with some road noise). Additional NVH dampening occurs through the use of an Active Control Engine Mount System (ACM) that uses electrically activated dampers to minimize engine vibration for an incredibly smooth and quiet driving experience.

The Odyssey's compact 5-speed automatic transmission provides ultra smooth and efficient operation characteristics with the adoption of a direct control shift system that works with the drive-by-wire throttle control.

Body Styles, Trim Levels and Options
(New equipment shown in italics)

The 2005 Honda Odyssey is available in three trim levels: the well-equipped LX, the upscale EX and the ultra-premium Touring trim level (new for 2005).

Standard features on the LX include a 3.5-liter 255 horsepower SOHC VTEC V-6, 5-speed automatic transmission, 16-inch wheels with wheel covers, P235/65R16 tires, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®) with Traction Control, advanced dual stage dual threshold driver's and front passenger's airbags, driver's and front passenger's side airbags, three-row side curtain airbags with rollover sensors, power front windows, 2nd-row power windows, power locks, cruise control, keyless entry, CD player, One Motion 60/40 split 3rd-rowMagic Seat®, In-Floor Storage, and Smart Maintenance Indicator.

The EX adds alloy wheels, Stowable 2nd-Row PlusOne Seat™ for eight passenger seating, power sliding doors, a 6-disc in-dash CD player, In-Floor Storage with Lazy Susan, Integrated 2nd Row Sunshades and a Conversation Mirror with Sunglasses Holder.

The EX with Leather adds a 255-horsepower SOHC i-VTEC V-6 with Variable Cylinder ManagementTM (VCMTM), Active Control Engine Mount System (ACM), Active Noise Control (ANC), Power Moonroof, available Honda DVD Entertainment System with 9-inch display, integrated remote control and wireless headsets w/ personal surround sound, and available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and Integrated Rearview Camera.

The Touring model adds a Power Tailgate, Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control, 115-Volt AC Power Outlet, Driver Memory Seat, multi information display, power adjustable pedals, leather steering wheel, auto dimming rear view mirror, fog lights, corner/backup sensors, auto headlights, 2nd-row removable center console (in place of the Stowable 2nd Row PlusOne SeatTM), Michelin PAX SystemTM 17.5-inch wheels and 235/710R460A tires, and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with Location and Pressure Sensors.

Honda Safety for Everyone Commitment

Just as Honda has been long associated with high quality, reliable and fun-to-drive vehicles, Honda is also committed to delivering the safest vehicles on the road. Demonstrating this commitment, Honda is providing a core suite of advanced safety equipment as standard equipment on all models and trim levels- with some features that are not available anywhere else. The 2005 Odyssey marks a significant milestone in the application of Honda safety technology since it is the first Honda vehicle in North America to fully implement Honda's Safety for Everyone commitment. The Safety for Everyone commitment includes the following:

  • All Honda and Acura vehicles, with the exception of a small number of specialty vehicles, will get Front Side Airbags, Side Curtain Airbags and Anti-Lock Brakes as standard equipment before the end of calendar year 2006.
  • All Honda and Acura light trucks, including all SUVs and minivans, will be equipped with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®) and rollover sensors for side curtain airbag deployment before the end of calendar year 2006.
  • Honda's Advanced Compatibility EngineeringTM (ACE)TM body structure, offering enhanced occupant protection with reduced aggressivity toward other vehicles, will be applied to all new vehicle platforms in the U.S. and globally over the next six to seven years. The 2005 model Honda Odyssey minivan and Acura RL sedan are the first U.S. models to carry this new technology.
  • In its efforts to increase safety for all road users, Honda will further expand the use of features designed to reduce injuries to pedestrians from the current industry-leading 10 models.

These initiatives represent the next logical step in the evolution of Honda's 'Safety for Everyone' concept, a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety that seeks to provide high levels of occupant protection for all Honda and Acura vehicles regardless of size or price, along with reduced aggressivity toward other vehicles and improved safety for pedestrians.

Environmental Leadership

Honda has consistently led the industry in meeting new emission requirements and bringing advanced engines and emission technologies to the customer. In addition to providing class leading fuel economy, the 2005 Odyssey qualifies as a LEV2-ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle in California and some Eastern states) and Tier 2 Bin 5 in the Federal emissions program. To achieve Tier 2-Bin 5 classification, a vehicle must reduce NOx emissions by at least 75 percent over pre-existing levels.

Honda is the industry leader in certifying vehicles to the Tier 2 standards. In 2002, Honda became the first manufacturer to offer gasoline-powered vehicles to the final Tier 2 requirements. In 2003, more than 50 percent of vehicles sold by Honda were certified to meet the tougher emission standards, two years ahead of the requirements and more than the rest of the industry combined. For 2004, Honda has certified more than 60 percent of its total vehicle fleet to the Tier 2 standards, compared to an industry average of 35 percent.

Engineers also targeted a high level of parts' recyclability. More than 90 percent of the 2005 Odyssey component parts are made of recyclable materials. Additional measures taken to reduce the long-term environmental impact of the vehicle include:

  • The use of non-chromed tanned leather in leather-equipped models reduces hazardous waste generation during the tanning process and can be composted at the end of the vehicle's life;
  • Elimination of PVC material in interior parts including door lining, shift knob, seat trim and center console lid and exterior parts such as roof and door moldings, weather strips and tubes for improved recyclability;
  • Reduced amount of environmentally hazardous materials by eliminating halogens for flame retardant materials and eliminated lead in wheel balancers and electro-deposition coatings
  • Use of water-borne (solvent free) paint for exterior surfaces, reducing emissions during the paint process;
  • Use of molded-in color plastics for reduced paint use and factory emissions;
  • Replacement of ABS plastic with polypropylene material in the center console, instrument panel and doors for reduced emissions during ABS plastic manufacturing; and
  • Long-life fluids that result in no required engine coolant change for the first 10 years or 120,000 miles, and engine oil changes that are prescribed (with the Smart Maintenance Indicator) at intervals of one year or 7,500 miles under normal circumstances, less often than typically required.

Market Position

The all-new third generation 2005 Odyssey is positioned to maintain the benchmark status that it has enjoyed since its introduction. While the new Odyssey meets the traditional buyers' expectations for a fun vehicle designed with safety in mind; it also offers an elevated level of style, sophistication and luxury amenities. These enhancements provide enhanced appeal through the Odyssey's overall technology, styling, performance and innovation.

Compared to other minivan owners, Odyssey owners are generally younger and more affluent, with at least one child under 18 years of age. Also, Odyssey owners have the highest brand loyalty in the industry*. The 2005 Odyssey emphasizes features for people with more active lifestyles. These new features provide extraordinary versatility with power and performance, and are designed to inspire those who may have never thought about a minivan to consider an Odyssey.
* 2003 Maritz data

Honda Maintains the Highest Residual Values in the Industry

The Honda Odyssey has built a reputation for maintaining the highest residual values in the industry. Residual value performance measures the ability of a product to hold its value over time and is considered a key indicator of a product's long-term desirability. A strong residual value results in less depreciation, reducing cost of ownership. The Automotive Lease Guide (ALG), an industry leader in setting automotive residual values, named Honda the industry's top automotive brand with the highest overall residual values across its full range of models for the 2004 model year. Adding to that, the Honda Odyssey has been the ALG minivan segment winner for six consecutive years since 1999 (when the second generation Odyssey was introduced).


The Odyssey is produced at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama in Lincoln, Alabama. The Lincoln Plant is the newest of Honda's North American automobile plants, opening six months ahead of schedule in November 2001 to meet market demand. Manufacturing the Honda Odyssey minivan and its V-6 engine, the plant adopts Honda's New Manufacturing System technologies for both vehicle and engine production to realize more efficient and flexible manufacturing. Frame and engine assembly takes place under the same roof in a synchronous manner. The plant added its second assembly line, which began production in April 2004. Using domestic and globally sourced parts, Honda began assembling motorcycles in America in 1979 and is celebrating 25 years of U.S. production in 2004. Honda began automobile production in the U.S. in 1982 with the Accord and was the first Japanese automaker to assemble products for the North American market in the United States. Today, Honda employs more than 14,000 associates in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of vehicles in North America.

About Honda

Honda (NYSE: HMC) is one of today's leading manufacturers of automobiles and power products and the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. The result is more than 120 manufacturing facilities in 30 countries worldwide, producing a wide range of products, including motorcycles, ATVs, generators, marine engines, lawn and garden equipment and automobiles that bring the company into contact with over 17 million customers annually.

September 2004 marks the 25th anniversary of the first product assembled by Honda in North America. From that first motorcycle built in Ohio in 1979, Honda now has 12 major plants in the region, producing a range of products and components including cars and light trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, lawn mowers and engines.

More than 75% of the cars and light trucks Honda sells in the U.S. are built in North America. Increasingly, many of these products are developed in America as well, including the Honda Civic Coupe, Element and Pilot - and the Acura TL and MDX.

Honda Odyssey Competitive Comparison

The all-new third generation 2005 Honda Odyssey has been designed to be the best overall minivan. When it comes to understanding how people actually use a minivan, the Odyssey delivers more where it counts. Briefly, the Odyssey compares to its competitors in the following ways:

. 2005 Honda Odyssey 2004 Honda Odyssey 2004 Toyota Sienna 2005 Chrysler Town & Country 2004 Nissan Quest
MSRP TBA $24,490-$30,490 $23,905-$40,530 $20.995-$35,260 $24,240 -$37,240
Engines 3.5L V-6 255HP 3.5L V-6 240HP 3.3L V-6 230HP 3.3L V-6 180 HP, 3.8L V-6 215 HP 3.5L V-6 240 HP
Variable Cylinder Management Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Transmission 5AT 5AT 5AT 4AT 4AT/5AT
EPA Fuel Economy, (City/Highway) 20/28* (i-VTEC)
19/25* (VTEC)
18/25 19/27 18/25 (3.8L)
19/26 (3.3L)
Seating Capacity 8 (Available) 7 8 (Available) 7 7
Wheelbase, in. 118.1 118.1 119.3 119.3 124.0
Interior volume, cu. ft. 209.8 208.8 221.0 193.7 244.6
Powered Sliding Doors Available Available Available Available Available
2nd Row Power Windows Yes No Yes No No
Magic 3rd Row Seat One-Motion Yes Yes Available Available
NHTSA Front Crash Test Rating 5-Star** 5-Star 5-Star TBD 5-Star
NHTSA Side Impact Crash Test Rating 5-Star** 5-Star 5-Star TBT TBT
Weight (base model) 4,378 4,310 4,120 3,988 4,012

* Based on 2005 EPA mileage estimates. Use for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage may vary.
** Based on Honda in-house testing. Note: All values subject to change.

Odyssey's History of Awards and Accolades

  • Six times Automobile's All-Star
  • Two times Car and Driver's 5Best Trucks

Automobile- All-Star (Best Minivan)
Canadian Press - Truck of the Year
Motor Week - Drivers' Choice Best Minivan

Automobile - All-Star (Best Minivan)
Automobile - Readers' Choice All-Star Minivan
Intellichoice - Best Overall Value Minivan Over $22,500

Automobile - All-Star (Best Minivan)
Automotive Lease Guide - Residual Value Award, Minivan
Edmunds.com - "Most Wanted Small Van"
A leading consumer publication - Best Minivan
Money Magazine - Best Minivan
Intellichoice - Best Overall Value Minivan Under $24,500

Automobile - All-Star (Best Minivan)
Automobile - Readers' Choice All-Star Vehicles
AMI AutoWorld - Best Minivan of 2002
Car and Driver - 5Best Trucks (Best Minivan)
Edmunds.com - "Most Wanted Small Van"
Smart Money - Best Value Minivan
A leading consumer publication - Best Minivan

AAA Auto Guide - Best Minivan
Automobile - All-Star (Best Minivan)
Automobile - Readers' Choice All-Stars Award
AutoPacific - 2003 Vehicle Satisfaction Award: Minivan
AutoWeek - America's Best People Mover
Parents Magazine -Top 5 in Segment
A leading consumer publication - Best Minivan
Intellichoice - Best Overall Value Minivan Under $26,000
Intellichoice - Excellent Value
Car and Driver - 5Best Trucks (Best Minivan)
Edmunds.com - "Most Wanted Small Van"
JD Power and Associates - Most Appealing Compact Van (APEAL Survey)
Kiplinger's Personal Finance - Best In Class Minivan

Automobile - All-Star (Best Minivan)
AutoPacific - 2004 Vehicle Satisfaction Award: Minivan
Consumers Digest Magazine - Best Buy "Van"
Intellichoice - Best Minivan Over $27,000
Intellichoice - Best Minivan Under $27,000

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