Honda BF90 And BF75 Outboard Engines: Solid and Responsive Power on the Water

With its BF90 and BF75 4-stroke outboard engines, Honda Marine offers the operator of today's shallow-draft boats two models that provide immediate response coupled with smooth, sure acceleration and fuel efficiency in both fresh and salt water.

Like all Honda engines, both products deliver virtually smoke-free performance, exceed 2006 EPA emissions standards as well as comply with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) 3-Star ratings.

A Closer Look at Soft Spoken Operational Excellence

While quiet and dependable, the Honda BF90 horsepower (hp) and BF75 hp outboard engines deliver solid and responsive power with every start. The two models share a collection of built-in technological advantages that not only make them excellent performers, but also exceptionally reliable. Both engine profiles are based on the Honda Civic Automobile, retaining the automobile engine's engineering excellence, low operational costs and proven durability.

A 4-cylinder SOHC 3-valve design that uses a single overhead cam with dual intake valves is the power platform for both the BF90 and BF75 engines, delivering an air/fuel mixture for maximum torque and combustion efficiency. In addition, the fuel-efficient 4-cylinder, 4-carburetor design - also known as the 4 to 4 Induction - utilizes one carburetor per cylinder and is more compact and responsive than one large throttle body and long intake runner. The ultimate benefit is smoother and quieter operation on the water with instant throttle response and performance.

Top Mounted Electronics are standard features on both engines. The alternator, ignition and other critical components are mounted near the top of the powerhead to ensure all are kept cool and dry. By extension, a crankshaft-driven, automotive-style Trochoid Oil Pump guarantees critical engine component long-term durability.

The BF90 and BF75 boast an Engine Alert System that uses visual, audio and rpm reduction circuits to alert the operator of overheating, low oil PSI and over-revving, all of which contribute to engine damage. A Fresh Water Flushport works to flush debris and salt water out of the engine, and the patented 4-Front Corrosion Protection System features a double sealed multi-layered paint process; both features extend the life of the outboard models.

In addition, a Digital CD Ignition accurately controls ignition timing during start-up, providing optimum overall operation. A Built-In Pitot Tube in the gear case eliminates the need to drill holes during installation, and a Tiller Handle offers convenient and accurate steering.

Honda Exclusive Design Elements

Both the BF90 and BF75 engines feature a number of Honda design exclusives, including:

  • a Sealed Starter Motor, inverted into a sealed chamber, that protects the starter bendix drive from the elements;
  • a Torsion Dampener (or flywheel), positioned at the base of the powerhead, serves to lower the center of gravity for more stability, smoother handling and minimal vibration;
  • a Non-Linear Mounting System also reduces vibration and provides smoother operation at all engine speeds.

"Our goal at Honda is to keep boaters on the water," said Robin Senger, Honda Marine Marketing. "The BF90 and BF75 engine models offer today's angler a reliable start, ease of maintenance and efficient operation - all necessary factors for the most enjoyable and most productive time on the water."

The Honda BF90 engine is available in both 25-inch and 20-inch shaft models, while the BF75 comes in a 20-inch shaft size. All new Honda outboard engines for recreational use have a limited, 3-year warranty that is the same on the last day as it is on the first.

Honda Marine introduced the first full line of 4-stroke outboard engines in the United States, setting a new benchmark for ease of starting, quiet operation, and low emissions. Honda's outboards share the same DNA characterized by unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability that is behind its reputation for legendary automobiles. With models ranging from 2 to 225 horsepower, the company offers the most ultra-low emissions outboards in the industry as well as complies with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) 3-Star ratings.

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