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Honda Marine BF4 / BF5 / BF6 Video
Honda Marine Unveils 60hp Outboard
PGM-FI (Electronic Fuel
Offset Crankshaft
Lean Burn Control
Honda Marine Introduces BF40/50 EFI
Honda Marine BF40/50 EFI
BF40/50 EFI Gear Case Design
EZ Starting
BF40/50 EFI Engine Architecture
BF40/50 EFI Engine Alert System
Dual Stage Induction
BF40/50 EFI Wing-Form Design
BF40/50 EFI Alternator
BF40/50 EFI Tiller Handle Features
Three-Way Cooling
Power Thrust
BF40/50 EFI Introduction - Long
BF40/50 EFI Introduction - Short
4-Front Corrosion Protection