HRR and the Oyster Pearl Deck

The new HRR Series lawnmower is designed with a heavy-duty 21" steel deck.

Of particular note on the new HRR models is the Oyster Pearl deck. While the deck is equally as durable as other Honda steel decks, the lighter grey color is a departure from the vintage grey of other Honda lawnmower models, such as the HRX. The new HRR also incorporates a dark grey colored bag that looks good even when dirty.

In recent focus groups, customers describe the Honda Oyster Pearl deck and HRR model as:

... a classically refined, solid, powerful and durable lawnmower that will be fast and fun ...

... [the HRR is] "commercial in a positive way" with a color scheme that is attractive and appealing, giving the impression of a powerful, durable, premium power equipment product.

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