Honda Engines Debuts New Pressure Washer Engines at GIE + EXPO

Honda Engines debuted today its new series of general purpose engines specifically and solely designed for pressure washer applications. Honda's GX200TQAPW, GX390T1QAPW and GCV190LAN5AP engines are uniquely designed to provide smooth and reliable power to a variety of residential and commercial pressure washers.

All three engines have been expressly tuned to provide maximum pressure washer output and feature exclusive components designed to match the needs of pressure washer users. Maximum power for the engines is achieved via improved engine cooling, while special induction components enhance engine breathing.

"Honda has been working with our partners in the power products industry for many years to provide reliable and durable power to end users," said Scott Conner, assistant vice president, Honda Engines. "By introducing these three new engines that are designed specifically for pressure washers, we expect to even better meet the needs of our customers."

Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of engines, producing and marketing nearly 22 million units globally for automotive, motorcycle, marine, and power equipment products. Honda Engines offers a complete line of small, general purpose engines for commercial, rental, industry, and consumer applications. Honda engines supply smooth, low emission, dependable power for more than 3,000 different product applications including pressure washers, lawnmowers, construction and rescue equipment.

"In addition to low emission levels, Honda engines are some of the quietest, easiest to start, most fuel-efficient, and most durable of their kind, even in harsh commercial and construction environments," said Mr. Conner. "Such attributes have made Honda engines the popular choice for original equipment manufacturers looking to add value to their own brands."

In January 2007, Honda Engines began certifying its models to the new, lower CARB 2007 and existing EPA Phase 2 emission requirements by offering 50 state compliant engines only. As a result, new Honda overall emission levels will be reduced by more than 32 percent. This means that in addition to meeting the new, more stringent California emission requirements, Honda Engines meet or exceed all EPA requirements. The development of one engine for use in all 50 states continues to reflect Honda's forward thinking with regards to emission regulations, air quality and the needs of its customers. With advanced engine technology, Honda certifies to new evaporative emission requirements and exhaust requirements without the use of a catalytic converter.

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