Honda HRX217K2VKA Lawnmower General Overview


First introduced in 2004, the Honda HRX Series lawnmowers pioneered the unique Versamow™ System that, for the first time on any mower, easily enables simultaneous distribution of clippings to both the bag and the ground.

New for 2008 is the premium HRX217VKA lawnmower model. Equipped with the SMART Drive™ Transmission, the newest HRX model allows the user to easily control the mower's speed simply by resting his or her hands on the handlebars - adding still more convenience and ease of use to what already is the most user-friendly 21-inch mower on the market today.

The Honda HRX217VKA also contains an exclusive, easy-to-clean Nexite™ mowing deck, which allows clippings to circulate naturally for maximum mulching.


The new Honda HRX217VKA is a durable, low maintenance, high quality lawnmower that is designed to:

  • provide an infinitely easier lawnmowing experience through several key design features including the new SMART Drive™ System, a Zone Start Safety System, ErgoActive™ easy folding handlebars, a single rear wheel height adjuster, 9" wheels, a higher cut height, and increased bag size. The result is virtually effortless operation, speed control and better maneuverability - all at an affordable price point.
  • attain best-in-class performance in both mulching and bagging modes (this normally requires two separate models, each designed for the respective purpose).
  • increase the convenience for the user to convert between mulching and bagging modes without the use of any tools or the removal of any equipment.
  • provide enhanced functionality by allowing a partial mulch/bag operation that allows the user to choose what percentage of grass clippings are mulched or bagged.
  • improve bagging performance by increasing the distance the operator can mow between bag dumping, while maintaining the high grooming standards that homeowners - and their neighbors - demand.
  • offer an exceptionally reliable start and quiet operation through the fuel-efficient GCV190 OHC 4-stroke engine.

HRX217K2VKA at a Glance

Honda Exclusives

  • SMART Drive™ Variable Speed Transmission (allows the operator to easily control the mower speed - up to 3.6 mph - when resting hands on handlebars).
  • 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director (mulch, bag, discharge or leaf shred with no extra parts to add, no tools required.
  • EZ Grip ErgoActive™ Handle and quick release folding handlebars for safety, convenience and comfort.
  • Twin Blade Honda MicroCut™ System (twin blades, offset for an improved cut performance, and four cutting surfaces to produce finer clippings - for superior mulching or efficient bagging).
  • Single Rear Height Adjuster (spring loaded mechanism for easy adjustment of cutting heights)
  • Three year limited full warranty
  • 21-inch Rust-free Nexite™ cutting deck with Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • Honda Auto Choke System, eliminating the need for manually choking the engine when cold.
  • Zone Start Safety System: When the mower is started, the blade turns with the engine. When the operator lets go of the mower handle the blade (engine) must stop within 3 seconds. The operator cannot leave the designated "Operator Zone" to restart the mower engine.

Cutting Heights

  • Single Rear Height Adjuster allows the operator to easily adjust - without straining - the mowing height of the rear wheels. This is especially useful because the bulk of the unit's weight rests on the back wheels.
  • Seven cutting height positions, ranging from .75 - 4.0 inches.


  • 9" rear ball bearing wheels.
  • Smoother ride on rough ground.


  • The Honda HRX lawnmower Series features an advanced 4-stroke engine, the Honda GCV190, which provides a quiet, low-emission and reliable power source to drive both the cutting blade and the drive wheels.


  • The all-new HRX Series 21" deck (with a limited lifetime warranty) is constructed of advanced and extremely durable Nexite™ -- a material that does not dent, rust, or corrode over time. Nexite™ is used in a variety of products including car bumpers, football helmets and computer casings and available exclusively on Honda Lawnmowers.

Handlebar Configuration

  • Comfortable foam handlebar and Easy Fold quick release handle allow for simple set up - unfolding handlebars, twisting and then clicking knobs into place.
  • Handlebars can be folded over completely for storage or adjusted to two different height positions for operator comfort; there are no knobs or bolts to tighten or loosen.


  • Easy-off rear grassbag with wide mouth; 2.5 bushel capacity allows the operator to mow longer before emptying the bag.

Rear discharge

  • Channels the clippings to the bag in the rear of the mower deck.
SMART Drive™ Developed with an ergonomic design, this unique, variable speed transmission allows the user to easily control the speed of the mower when resting his/her hands on the handlebars.
Versamow™ The Versamow™ System allows for maximum mowing performance and flexibility, affording the HRX user to select either the bagging or mulching configuration - or any combination of the two - by easily rotating the Clip Director. This option provides a revolutionary level of control while mowing, achieved without having to remove or replace any parts or use any tools.
Clip Director™ Knob on HRX that directs grass clippings to be mulched or bagged for composting or disposal. Allows for any combination of the two systems.
DuaLube™ Honda's DuaLube™ System achieves full engine lubrication by combining governor slinger paddles and an oil-bearing timing belt.
ErgoActive™ Handle Honda's handles are designed for user safety and convenience, offering easy-to-access controls that make the mower comfortable to use.
4-Stroke Engine Technology 4-Stroke refers to the four strokes of movement by the piston inside the engine (intake, compression, power, exhaust).
Quiet, easy starting, no mixing of oil and gas, long life
GCV190 Engine featured on the HRX. This 4-stroke engine features an internal timing belt that results in quieter overall operation. An overhead cam layout, along with lightweight and durable uniblock construction, creates a lighter and more compact package than anything else in the class, delivering excellent power-to-weight ratio.
Leaf Shredder This attachment makes easy work of Spring and Fall cleanup by chopping up the leaves during mowing; it means less emptying of the grass bag for fall clean-up.
MicroCut™ The Honda MicroCut Twin Blade System™ uses four cutting surfaces to cut grass into tiny pieces that quickly decompose and add nutrients to a lawn. This special design is offered only by Honda. The System also provides for superior bagging: finer clippings take up less volume, so the bag fills up less often.
Rear Discharge Rear Discharge lawnmowers channel the clippings to the bag in the rear of the mower deck.
Zone Start Safety System When the mower is started, the blade turns with the engine. When the operator lets go of the mower handle, the blade (engine) must stop within 3 seconds. The operator cannot leave the designated "Operator Zone" to restart the mower engine.
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