• CBR1000RR Chassis Technology
    2004 Honda CBR1000RR
    02/01/2004 - Look at the CBR®1000RR chassis and see Honda's hard-earned knowledge gained in the ferocious MotoGP wars. This all-new chassis incorporates the engine as an integral frame member, for example, and larger items such as the fuel tan...
  • CBR1000RR Engine Technology
    2004 Honda CBR1000RR
    02/01/2004 - The CBR®1000RR boasts a truly world-class powerplant, an all-new liquid-cooled 998cc inline four-cylinder engine carefully designed to also enhance handling. Begin by comparing the overall silhouette of the new 1000 and the CBR954...
  • The Steering Damper Comes of Age
    2004 Honda CBR1000RR
    02/01/2004 - Steering dampers are not new to the motorcycling scene. For decades, riders have resorted to using steering dampers, most often for extreme-use high-speed racing conditions in off-road competition as well as road racing. Regardless of...