The AquaTrax R-12X: Next-Generation High-Performance Watercraft Handling

Sporting performance has become synonymous with Honda products--just check Honda's remarkable automobile and motorcycle racing record. However, in the watercraft arena, the AquaTrax® R-12X represents Honda's first entry in the all-out sporting category. As such, it merited a considerable amount of development work--efforts that are proven by this new PWC's amazingly athletic performance.

To create an agile, high-performance package, Honda's development engineers began the process by creating a more compact hull, trimming a full 3.4 inches from the width and an amazing 5.4 inches from the length of the already-compact family-oriented three-passenger F-12/F12X hull.

On the exterior of the hull, a most noticeable change is the shift to a single-chine design from the F-12/F-12X double-chine configuration. The F-12 was given a double chine for a softer, more compliant ride in keeping with its intended three-person, family-use aspects. With the R-12X, the single-chine hull shape yields a faster response--hence, more aggressive turning characteristics--when transitioning from straight-line riding to railing into a tight turn. In addition, the sponsons on the R-12X also have been reconfigured to deliver high-performance turning grip and a more aggressive bank angle, and the newly shaped strakes are biased toward high-performance lift characteristics.

The R-12X's all-new hull also features a raised bond line that delivers multiple benefits. First, it keeps the hull from knifing into waves during aggressive riding, which helps keep the drive pump hooked up in rough water for superior performance. The raised bond line also provides a smoother ride in chop and waves, reducing rider fatigue. As a bonus, this added height in the bond line increases splash protection and helps prevent the AquaTrax's bow from slipping under the dock when tying up.

Add to all these new hull designs the effects of Honda's impressively effective quick trim system, and you'll find this innovative two-seat AquaTrax sets entirely new and higher standards for sport handling. And perhaps even more significantly, the R-12X elevates all expectations for performance in the two-seater class while also raising the bar for comfort and convenience.

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