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Honda Trimmers Brochure PDF Download

Use the link above to download the Honda Trimmers brochure in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Honda Trimmers Background Information

Mar 30, 2011 — Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of premium four-stroke string trimmers for commercial and residential applications. The product line offers the latest in innovation and technology and consists of three trimmer models, ...

Honda HHT25S LTA Trimmer

Honda Enhances Its Trimmer Lineup with the New HHT31S

Jan 5, 2003 — The new Honda HHT31S hand held trimmer replaces the UMK431 as the next generation of Honda's most powerful trimmer model, and joins the all-new lightweight HHT25S trimmer in Honda Power Equipment's 2003 lineup. The HHT31S is ai...

Honda Introduces The All-New HHT25S LTA Trimmer

Jul 19, 2002 — Honda Power Equipment has introduced the all-new HHT25S LTA four-stroke trimmer aimed at the commercial, rental, and premium residential markets. The new 360o inclinable trimmer promises to be the lightest and quietest of its kind wi...