2016 Honda Pilot - Comfort and Convenience

The pleasure and ease with which the driver and passengers experience the 2016 Pilot is enhanced by numerous standard or optional premium comfort and convenience features. From recognizing between two different driver's preferences and adjusting for them as the driver approaches the vehicle to the ease with which passengers can get in and out of the 3-row seats because of the One-touch second-row seat, on EX-L and above trims, the Pilot cossets and assists its occupants. Also new on the 2016 Pilot are convenience features such as Hill Start Assist that helps the driver pull away from a stop while facing up hill.

New Available Comfort and Convenience Features

  • Smart Entry and Push Button start
  • Remote Engine Start
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Auto High-Beam
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Heated second-row seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Second-row captain's chairs
  • One-touch second-row seat

Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop
For the first time, the 2016 Pilot offers the upscale convenience of Smart Entry and Push Button Start/Stop.

Smart Entry
Included on the EX and above trims, the Smart Entry system simplifies approaching, entering and operating the Pilot – especially when the driver has his or her hands full. To gain entry to vehicle, the driver simply pulls one of the two front door handles while the remote is in his or her possession. The LX trim Pilot retains the previous remote entry system.

Push Button Start/Stop
On all trims, once the driver has opened the door and is seated, the driver simply pushes the START/STOP button positioned on the instrument panel while pressing the brake pedal to start the vehicle. Powertrain operation and certain electrical functions are ended when the START/STOP button is pressed again at the conclusion of the drive. For accessory mode the driver simply presses the START/STOP button without pressing the brake pedal. The new Pilot's START/STOP button features a pulsating light to help the driver more easily locate the button.

Remote Engine Start
All Pilot models with the exception of the LX trim feature standard remote engine start. This enables drivers to start their Pilot in advance of the drive, thereby activating the climate control system with a target temperature of 72 degrees before they get to the vehicle – perfect for hot or cold days. The system can provide owners with the comfort of a pre-warmed vehicle on a cold winter morning – or a pre-cooled interior on hot days. The system will automatically operate the heater, front and rear defrosters, front heated seats (if equipped), heated steering wheel (if equipped), heated side mirror, air conditioning, and front seat ventilation as needed.

The remote engine start feature is built into the key fobs supplied with the vehicle, and is designed to have a range of operation of approximately 180 feet. To start the engine remotely, the owner presses the LOCK button and then holds the ENGINE button for a second. The Pilot's hazard lights will flash, indicating that the signal has been received. When the engine is started remotely, the wipers, lighting and audio systems remain off, and the security system remains set. The engine will run for up to 10 minutes after remote starting and can be extended by another 10 minutes using the same procedure, and then shut off automatically if the owner doesn't reach the vehicle within that time. When the owner does get to the Pilot within 10 minutes, or extended period if the procedure is initiated a second time, the engine will keep running while the owner unlocks the vehicle, gets in, applies the brake and presses the Pilot's START button, which turns on all of the vehicle's systems.

HomeLink® Remote System
Pilot EX and higher trims feature a HomeLink® universal remote system, located in the overhead control panel, which can be programmed with the codes of up to three devices, such as a garage-door opener or home security system.

Driver Preferences
The Pilot Touring and Elite trims come with two keyless remotes with unique identifiers. Each remote can be set with unique profiles to accommodate the individual preferences of two different drivers. The available preferences include driver seat and mirror positions, along with select HVAC functions. Other preferences include turning entry lights on or off, audio system pre-sets, air conditioning preferences, and navigation system settings. In the event both owners use the car at the same time, the Pilot will recognize the keyless remote that approaches the driver's door first.

After parking, a press of the LOCK button on the remote will simultaneously lock all the doors and tailgate. On EX and above trims a touch of the soft-touch lock button on either front door handle locks all doors and trunk to secure the Pilot. The system will not allow the remote to be locked in the interior of the Pilot.

Walk Away Door Lock
Included on EX and above trims, the new Walk Away Door Lock feature automatically locks the Pilot when the driver leaves the vehicle. This hands-free locking capability adds everyday convenience that's especially useful when the driver has his or her hands full or is distracted. In typical use, when all doors are closed and the driver walks away, the Pilot will automatically lock when the key holder's distance from the vehicle exceeds 6.5 feet for two seconds or more and when no other key is detected inside the vehicle. An audible buzzer sounds and the hazard lights flash to confirm that the vehicle has locked. The Walk Away Door Lock feature is programmable, and may be turned on or off as the driver prefers.

Tailgate Operation
The remote also includes a dedicated button that will unlock the tailgate on Pilot LX and EX trims, or cause the power tailgate to open/close on the Pilot EX-L and above trims. See Exterior section for more information.

Capless Fueling System
The Pilot's capless fueling eliminates the fuel cap, meaning that fueling the vehicle simply requires opening the fuel lid, refueling, and then closing the lid. This smart and easy-to-use design eliminates the need to touch a dirty fuel cap, reduces the possibility of damaging the vehicle's paint with the fuel cap or tether, or forgetting the fuel cap at the gas station. It also eliminates the possibility of activating an emissions warning by failing to properly re-install the fuel cap. And finally, the capless fueling system allows the use of a smaller fuel-cap door, which cleans up the lines of the vehicle.

The system consists of two integrated components, an outer shutter mechanism that prevents the intrusion of dirt and dust, and a self-sealing fueling flap that is closed by a torsion spring. Both operate automatically.

At a gas station, the driver simply opens the fuel lid and then inserts the fuel nozzle. Inserting the nozzle automatically opens the outer shutter and fueling flap. When fueling is complete, removing the fuel nozzle automatically closes both the fueling flap and outer shutter.

Hill Start Assist
The Hill Start Assist function helps to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards when the driver switches from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal while the vehicle is stopped on a hill. Hill Start Assist automatically activates when the vehicle senses a certain incline and is fully stopped in any forward gear when facing up hill or reverse gear when facing downhill. The system uses a longitudinal G-sensor along with a wheel speed sensor to control the hydraulic brake modulator. Hill Start Assist, when activated, will release the brakes when the driver depresses the throttle or if the driver doesn't press the accelerator after a few seconds.

Auto high-beam
The Pilot Elite's Auto high-beam makes optimal use of the vehicle's headlights. When the headlight switch is set in the Auto position, the system automatically illuminates the high beams until a dedicated camera detects oncoming traffic and automatically switches to low beams.

First Row Seating
The Pilot's new front bucket seats are designed to provide comfortable support for a wide range of body types, along with secure lateral support for cornering. The seats feature fabric seating surfaces in LX and EX trims, with upgraded leather in the EX-L, Touring and Elite trims. The Pilot driver's seat on EX and above features 10-way power adjustability (8-way power seat plus 2-way power lumbar support). The EX-L adds a front passenger seat that offers 4-way power adjustability as standard. In the Touring and Elite, all driver's seat power adjustments are included in the Smart Entry system. The system stores a pair of user profile seat settings – one for each of the two key fobs that come standard with the Pilot. Heated front seats are standard in the Pilot EX-L, Touring and Elite trims. The Elite trim also includes ventilated front seats.

Second Row Seating
The Pilot's roomy second-row seating is designed for maximum comfort and versatility, with a 60/40 split and folding design that makes it easy to accommodate passengers or long cargo. The new Elite trim has two luxurious second-row captain's chairs that can fold to accommodate cargo. The captain's chairs have fold-down padded inboard armrests, and each seatback offers multiple reclining angles and six inches of fore-aft travel for greater second- and third-row passenger comfort. A center console with storage tray and a pair of cup holders is positioned between the captain's chairs. The console is constructed of a robust material and is designed with a low profile to allow access to the third-row seats from between the second-row. In the Pilot Elite, heated second-row seats are standard.

Contributing to the ease of third row entry and exit is the new one-touch feature on EX-L and above trims. Two illuminated buttons on each of the outboard seats – one button located on the seat base and a second button on the upper portion of the seatback – are easily reached from outside the vehicle or from the third-row seat. When pressed, the electrically operated buttons trigger a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically tilts and slides the seat to its forward-most position. To help reduce the risk of unintentional operation, the buttons will not operate unless the brake pedal is being pressed or the gear selector is in Park. The seat returns to its mid-point setting when the user pulls or pushes back on the seatback. The second row seats on the LX and EX trims are operated with a manual lever.

Third Row Seating 
The Pilot's One-touch feature, increased third-row step-in width (2.5-inches wider) and lower step-in height (1.2-inch lower) provide for easier access to the 60/40 split and folding third row. The third-row seat backs have a 3-position reclining capability.

See the Interior section for further information and images of seating configurations. 

Comfort and Convenience Features

Feature LX EX EX-L Touring Elite
Air Conditioning with Air-Filtration System        
Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control System with Humidity Control and Air Filtration  
Push Button Start
Hill Start Assist
Power Windows with Auto-Up/Down Driver's and Front Passenger's Window
Power Door and Tailgate Locks
Cruise Control
Tilt and Telescopic Steering Column
Multi-Functional Center Console Storage
Lockable Glove Compartment
Sliding Sunvisors
12-Volt Power Outlets Front & Center Console Front, Center Console & Rear Front, Center Console & Rear Front, Center Console & Rear Front, Center Console & Rear
Driver's and Front Passenger's Seatback Pockets Driver's Only
Remote Fuel Filler Door Release
Rear Window Defroster with Timer
Rear-Seat Heater Ducts
Cargo Area Light
Hidden Storage Well
Cargo Area Tie-Down Anchors (4 Total)
Cargo Area Bag Hooks
Capless Fuel Filler
Map Lights (All Rows) LED (Front Row)
Illuminated Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls Cruise / Audio / Phone Cruise / Audio / Phone / Display Audio Cruise / Audio / Phone / Display Audio Cruise / Audio / Phone / Display Audio Cruise / Audio / Phone / Display Audio
Floor Mats Front and 2nd-Row Front and 2nd-Row Front and 2nd-Row Front and 2nd-Row All Rows
Beverage Holders (Front Row-2 / 2nd-Row-6 / 3rd-Row-6 )
HomeLink® Remote System18  
Driver's and Front Passenger's Illuminated Vanity Mirrors  
Sunglasses Holder        
Conversation Mirror with Sunglasses Holder  
Rear Entertainment System     Available19 Blu-ray™ Blu-ray™
115-Volt Power Outlet     with RES
Integrated Sunshades (2nd-Row)     with RES
Automatic-Dimming Rearview Mirror    
Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel     Heated
Blue Ambient LED Lighting      
Courtesy Door Lights (Front Row)      
Illuminated Beverage Holders       Front Front and 2nd-Row
Air Conditioning with Air-Filtration System        
60/40 Split, Flat-Folding 3rd-Row Bench Seat
Adjustable Seat-Belt Anchors (Front Row)
Head Restraints at all Seating Positions
Driver's Seat with 10-Way Power Adjustment, including Power Lumbar Support   with Two-Position Memory with Two-Position Memory
One-Touch 2nd-Row Seats    
Front Passenger's Seat with 4-Way Power Adjustment    
Leather-Trimmed Interior    
Heated Front Seats      
Heated and Ventilated Front Seats        
Heated 2nd-Row Captain's Chairs        
Head Restraints at all Seating Positions
Driver's Seat with 10-Way Power Adjustment, including Power Lumbar Support   with Two-Position Memory with Two-Position Memory

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