Honda Accord Best-Selling Car in America for 2001 Model Year

The Honda Accord was the best-selling car in America for the 2001 model year, the Honda Civic was the best-selling small car and the Acura 3.2 TL luxury performance sedan was the best-selling luxury sedan, according to a review of the auto industry's 2001 model year results.

American Honda 2001 model year highlights include:

  • Accord model year sales of 412,074, surpassing the second place Toyota Camry (388,512) and third place Ford Taurus (349,742);
  • The Honda Civic repeated for the fourth consecutive model year as the best-selling small car in America and was the fourth best-selling car overall for the 2001 model year with sales of 323,074, topping the Ford Focus (261,542) for small car sales leadership;
  • The Acura 3.2 TL repeated as the best-selling luxury sedan, posting 2001 model year sales of 68,229, topping the BMW 3-series sedan (61,992);
  • American Honda 2001 model year sales of 1,171,511 vehicles set an all-time model year record, an increase of 0.8 percent compared to last year;
  • American Honda model year light truck sales of 286,692 surpassed last year's record by 3.6 percent;
  • Acura Division set a new sales record of 165,983 vehicles, up 17.5 percent from last year and breaking the model year record set in 1989;
  • The Honda Insight record sales of 4,853 increased 41.2 percent;
  • The S2000 roadster sold a record 9,469 units, a rise of 19.2 percent.