Honda Motor CEO Toshihiro Mibe Honored by SAE Foundation with 2024 Industry Leadership Award

Toshihiro Mibe, president & CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., was honored by the SAE Foundation with the 2024 Industry Leadership Award in recognition of his substantial contributions to the mobility industry, demonstration of innovation and risk-taking, as well as his commitment to STEM education and making an impact through philanthropic contributions.

"This Industry Leadership Award is a testament to Mr. Mibe's prestigious career, his leadership in the mobility industry and in recognition of Honda's support of STEM education and contributions to the mission of the SAE Foundation," said Jamie Ferguson, executive director, SAE Foundation & STEM Learning.

As the automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-one-hundred-years transformation of mobility, Mibe is positioning this period as the "second founding" of Honda to continue Honda's relentless pursuit of advancing mobility to expand people's life's potential. Mibe has steered Honda toward challenging global goals to realize carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities, as well as zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda automobiles and motorcycles, by 2050.

"It is a great honor to be recognized with the Industry Leadership Award, and I want to share my appreciation with the SAE Foundation and all of the other award winners who were honored," Mibe said. "As an engineer, I am very proud to be a member of SAE International, which is focused on creating the future of mobility, and I'm very proud to receive this honor from the SAE Foundation, which is focused on creating future engineers."

A true engine expert, Mibe played a key role in the development of some of Honda's most iconic automotive engines over the past three decades. This includes leading development of the engine that helped the 2000 Honda Accord become the first gasoline car to achieve the SULEV (Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle) standard in 1999, four years ahead of regulatory requirements. His expertise and visionary leadership have propelled Honda into new frontiers, leading the charge in electrification efforts and forging crucial partnerships to shape the future of mobility.

Additionally, Mibe has spearheaded initiatives to advance sustainable transportation solutions, including battery and electric vehicle co-development programs with industry partners like General Motors. His dedication to innovation and risk-taking has challenged industry norms and paved the way for transformative technologies that will define the future of transportation, including leading the company into new areas like space technology.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Mibe is a passionate advocate for STEM education and workforce development. He believes in the power of education to inspire the next generation of innovators and is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry.

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