Honda East Liberty Auto Plant Begins Mass Production of 2023 CR-V Hybrid

  • East Liberty will be the third and final manufacturing facility to produce CR-V hybrid in North America
  • CR-V hybrid features an Ohio made electrified powertrain

Associates at Honda's East Liberty Auto Plant (ELP) today celebrated the beginning of mass production of the all-new 2023 Honda CR-V hybrid, following up on its launch of the gasoline-powered CR-V October 26.

The CR-V hybrid, which was launched in North America at Honda of Canada Mfg. (HCM) in October, features a new two-motor hybrid system produced* at Honda's Ohio Transmission Plant (TMP-OH), and a newly refined Atkinson-cycle engine unique to hybrid models that is made at the Anna Engine Plant (AEP) in Ohio. 

Representing a key step in Honda's electrification strategy, starting with the 2023 model year, about 50% of CR-V's annual sales in the U.S. will be powered by the two-motor hybrid-electric system.

"ELP is excited to continue our electrification journey with mass production of the all-new 2023 CR-V hybrid," said ELP Plant Lead Keith Strickland. "Thanks to the ELP team for all of the efforts in preparing to deliver these quality vehicles to our dealers and customers."

ELP joins HCM and the Indiana Auto Plant (IAP) in manufacturing the new CR-V hybrid model, and each plant worked in close collaboration with AEP and TMP-OH, which are responsible for the new powertrain.

The 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine built at AEP is the first Honda engine to combine high-pressure direct-injection with multistage injection for an extremely homogeneous mixture that delivers clean combustion.

*Honda products are made using domestic and globally sourced parts

The two-motor hybrid-electric system made at TMP-OH features a new arrangement, switching from coaxial motors of the same size stacked on top of each other to a two-motor parallel axis system with engines of different sizes mounted side-by-side.

Honda Manufacturing in North America
Honda has produced automobiles in North America for over 40 years, beginning in November 1982 at the Marysville Auto Plant. Honda began manufacturing operations in North America in 1979 with motorcycle production in Marysville, Ohio.

Over the past four decades, Honda has steadily grown local production capabilities and now employs more than 30,000 associates at 18 plants with the annual capacity to produce 1.86 million automobiles, nearly 4 million engines, 500,000 power equipment products and 300,000 powersports products, as well as the HondaJet advanced light jet and GE Honda HF120 turbofan engines. In 2022, more than 99% of all U.S.-sold Honda and Acura automobiles were made in North America, using domestic and globally sourced parts.

Cumulatively, Honda has invested nearly $24.6 billion in its North American manufacturing capabilities, including more than $3.6 billion over the past five years alone. The company works with nearly 800 original equipment suppliers in North America with cumulative parts purchases of more than $535 billion.

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