Honda Rearview Report: August 24 - September 6, 2019

"August was a strong sales month for the auto industry as a whole, which was great to see, but Honda's outsized gains are more than just the case of a rising tide lifting all boats. August was a barn burner of a month for Honda, with the best single sales month in our corporate history.

Moreover, even as we track toward an eighth straight record year for SUV sales and tenth straight year of SUV sales growth, we are extending our leadership as the #1 retail passenger car brand in America.

All year long, we've been tacking against the headwinds of declining industry sales and doing it based on the foundation of fundamentally great products, a strong brand reputation and our disciplined approach to the market – which means building to demand, using incentives as a strategy not a tactic, and keeping our total focus on retail customers. 

There is no shortage of challenges in our industry today, but it's great to see that a focus on creating outstanding products and maintaining sound business practices that consistently demonstrate respect for the customer is rewarded in the marketplace."

Sage Marie
Assistant Vice President, Public Relations
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.