Honda Rearview Report: August 3 - August 9, 2019

"This week, Honda announced an exciting new partnership with Riot Games as the exclusive automotive sponsor of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), making Honda the first automaker in North America to sponsor both an esports team (official auto partner of Team Liquid) and an esports league (LCS).

Like our long history in supporting music, our commitment to esports is part of a strategic plan to develop relationships between the Honda brand and younger car buyers through the activities they are passionate about. League of Legends is the largest and most recognizable esport globally, with LCS viewership increasing nearly 60 percent during the last twelve months. To give that a little perspective, last year's LCS Finals were watched by nearly 100 million fans worldwide – rivaling the viewership of the Super Bowl.

The changing media habits of young people present us both with a challenge and an opportunity in how to effectively engage and make relationships with future customers.

The Millennial and Gen Z consumers behind the explosive growth of esports and gaming also are fueling the success of the Honda Civic – which is the best-selling vehicle in the industry with under-35, Gen Z, first-time and multicultural buyers. Our commitment to esports is aimed at making sure it stays that way."

Phil Hruska
Manager, Media Strategy
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.