Honda Honors 52 Suppliers in North America for Outstanding Performance

  • Honda awards both mass production and service parts suppliers at annual conference
  • Honda purchased over $38 billion in parts and materials for mass production and another $1.2 billion in parts for use in servicing customer vehicles
  • Honda works with 746 mass production suppliers and nearly 1,400 service parts suppliers across North America

Honda recently honored 52 North American suppliers with awards for outstanding performance in supplying the company with parts and materials in 2023.  Honda recognized 31 suppliers during its annual Honda Supplier Conference, in Columbus, Ohio, for supporting Honda with parts and materials for mass production1, and 21 suppliers for service parts that serve the needs of customers after they purchase a Honda or Acura product.

Honda purchased over $38 billion in parts for mass production operations from North American suppliers in 2023, which supported the sales of more than 1.3 million Honda and Acura vehicles in North America. Honda also purchased more than $1.2 billion in parts from its Service Parts suppliers in North America.

"As we prepare for production of EVs at our plants in North America, our suppliers continue to support Honda in supplying our customers with the petrol and hybrid-electric vehicles they want," said Mike Lapham, vice president of Procurement in the Purchasing & Supply Chain Center at Honda Development & Manufacturing of America, LLC. "Now, we must maintain our focus on stabilizing production with a mindset of outstanding quality to establish the foundation for the EV future."

Mass Production Supplier Awards
Honda recognized 31 mass production suppliers for outstanding performance in three categories – Excellence in Quality & Delivery, Value, and Sustainability. The Excellence in Sustainability Award also is given to a company that exemplifies Honda's commitment to social responsibility, based on leadership in the areas of compliance and ethics, environmental governance, diversity, health and safety, social and trade compliance. This year, Michelin Group, located in both Greenville and Lexington, South Carolina, received the award.

Honda does business with 746 OEM suppliers across North America which provide parts to the company's 13 plants in the region that produce Honda and Acura cars and light trucks and the engines and transmissions that power them.

Service Parts Supplier Awards
Honda honored 21 service parts suppliers with awards that reflect a supplier's combined performance in three categories: quality, cost, and on-time delivery.

"Even as Honda continues to transition to the EV future, our future success will be determined by how we take new approaches to business to focus on the needs of our customers," said Jessica Hammontree, assistant vice president of the Parts Division at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "After our sales of new vehicles become 100% electrified, our customers will continue to rely on Honda every day for service parts for their petrol and hybrid-electric vehicles for the next twenty years."

Honda works with nearly 1,400 service parts suppliers in North America to provide service and accessory parts for more than 20 million Honda and Acura automobiles in operation in the United States, as well as service parts for powersports and power equipment products. Honda manages a national network of parts and distribution facilities that support customers by delivering high-quality service parts to Honda and Acura dealers nationwide, as well as supporting global parts operations.

Honda 2023 Mass Production Supplier Award Winners
Honda honored 31 Top OEM Suppliers in one or more of three categories – Excellence in Quality & Delivery, Value, and Sustainability.

Excellence in Quality and Delivery

Excellence in Value

Supplier Sustainability Award
Honda recognized one supplier that exemplified exceptional commitment to social responsibility based on leadership in the areas of Compliance and Ethics, Environmental, Trade Compliance, Social responsibility, Health & Safety, Diversity and Governance.

Honda 2023 Service Parts Supplier Award Winners
Honda honored 21 suppliers for outstanding performance in service parts that serve the needs of customers after they have purchased Honda and Acura products. Honda Service Parts suppliers also were rated on their performance in quality, cost, and delivery. Service Parts awards are based on overall scores reflecting combined performance in all three categories.

1.  Using domestic and globally sourced parts

About Honda in North America
Honda established operations in North America in 1959. Today, the company employs about 42,000 associates in the region, who are engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service support of Honda and Acura automobiles, Honda power equipment, Honda powersports products and the HondaJet Elite II advanced light jet.

Based on its longstanding commitment to build products close to the customer, Honda operates 18 major manufacturing plants in North America, working with over 750 suppliers in the region to produce a diverse range of quality products. Honda has built automobiles in North America for over 40 years and, in 2023, more than 99% of all Honda and Acura automobiles sold in the U.S. were produced in North America.

Honda also conducts research and development activities at 23 facilities in North America where we fully design, develop and engineer many of the company's North American-made products.

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