Honda Rearview Report: October 19 - November 25, 2019

Long-term quality and value have always been essential elements of Honda’s appeal with consumers, so it was great to receive the news during the Los Angeles Auto Show that Auto Lease Guide (ALG) awarded Honda with the Best Overall Mainstream Brand award for projected retained value over three years of ownership.

Moreover, in addition to the Best Overall award for the Honda brand, five different Honda models earned the top award in their respective categories – the Honda Accord, Fit, Odyssey, Pilot and the all-new Passport.

An award for best retained value is one that is truly shared throughout our company – across R&D, manufacturing and sales.  Certainly, the starting point is the creation of attractive, well-equipped vehicles that are manufactured with outstanding quality, and this continues to set Honda vehicles apart in an ever more competitive market.  But the ability to retain value over the course of many years is also positively impacted by a disciplined approach to the market based on our goal of steady, sustainable and profitable growth, together with our strong commitment to protecting our customers’ investment in our company and its products.  This means no short-term sales of vehicles that will return to market within a year, and marketing tactics that would erode long-terms prospects, brand value and customer confidence.

In our view, our customer is making an investment in our products.  And while our goal is to deliver joy in their experience with our products, we want to see them receive a return on their investment at trade-in time as well, and hopefully for another new Honda or Acura!

Steven Center
Vice President – Automobile Sales
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.