Media Alert: Honda Engines at GIE+EXPO 2018

Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of engines for a diverse array of automotive, powersports, aircraft, marine, and power equipment products. The company offers a complete line of small, general purpose engines for use in industrial, commercial, rental industry and consumer applications. These engines supply smooth and dependable power for thousands of different products including those for turf applications, pressure washers and rescue and construction equipment. At GIE+EXPO 2018, the Honda Engines team will showcase its comprehensive product line at indoor booth #3118 and discuss technological benefits of products, the company's environmental commitment, and applications for the following:

Honda GC Series

Quiet, efficient engines specifically designed for premium, high-volume residential power equipment applications.

  • Horizontal shaft models power a variety of consumer products, including pressure washers, water pumps, compressors, and portable generators.
  • Vertical shaft models power lawn mowers and other residential applications.
  • Innovative design features, such as the world's first internal timing belt on an engine of this kind, a tough nylon overhead cam and uniblock construction, make Honda GC engines lighter and more compact than others in their class, with significantly reduced noise, fuel and oil consumption.
  • Combined with Honda's innovative DuaLube lubrication system, Honda GC engines have a sophisticated design that minimizes the number of parts and can reduce some potential maintenance needs.

Honda GX Series

Reliable, easy starting, fuel-efficient models that power a variety of commercial applications, Honda's large GX engine models feature technologies and design elements for improved power output. A rugged OHV engine design helps ensure a high level of durability and reliability for construction, maintenance and premium power equipment, and makes the engines ideal for the rental market. Mid-sized Honda GX engines are single-cylinder, horizontal-shaft models for an array of commercial turf applications and equipment including: generators; construction/industrial equipment; agricultural equipment; water pumps; and pressure washers. Mid-sized GX models are equipped with a carburetor chamber coating; an improved recoil rope design; and an added carburetor filter—all of which help improve their fuel efficiency, reliability and durability.

Pressure Washer Optimized GX Industrial Models

Offering the same legendary quality and durability attributes of the GX Series engines, Honda Pressure Washer Optimized engines are specifically designed for direct-drive pressure washer applications.

  • The model lineup delivers smooth and reliable power, maximized engine performance at wide-open throttle and increased power output.
  • A new feature for the optimized engines is a fixed throttle, which enables the superior performance appreciated by the rental market.

V-Twin Models

GX Series V-Twin engines are the most powerful engines offered by Honda Power Equipment.
They are designed to offer customers more power and adaptability with greater fuel efficiency in a more compact package and feature an advanced style that not only looks different from other engines in their class but also provides increased functionality.

  • V-Twins are designed for demanding, power-hungry, commercial applications including commercial turf equipment (zero-turn radius mowers, lawn tractors, trenchers, stump grinders and chipper/shredders); and construction equipment (concrete saws, vibratory rollers, ride-on cement trowels, generators and pressure washers).
  • The compact engines offer more versatility for a greater range of product applications.
  • A hemispherical combustion chamber, an integrated cylinder and cylinder head, forged steel connecting rods, a 9.3:1 compression ratio, a digital capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) with variable ignition timing, and twin barrel inner-vent carburetion, contribute to overall enhanced operation with remarkable fuel efficiency and emissions performance.

The Honda GXR120

The Honda GXR120 engine is specifically designed for the construction/rammer marketplace, capable of meeting the high demands rammers place on the engine, frame and operator.

  • With a displacement of 121cc, the engine can appropriately power 110-lb. to 175-lb. rammers at multiple altitudes with ease.
  • A special cast-iron cylinder sleeve and a high carbon-steel, dual-ball bearing crankshaft provide improved engine strength. To further enhance engine durability, the recoil starter and fan covers incorporate steel.
  • When developing the GXR120, Honda engineers identified the need for a more compact and lightweight engine footprint to allow for more versatility in frame mounting. Using an OHC orientation similar to the Honda GX100, Honda designers incorporated a maintenance-free, low-noise timing belt to create a smaller, lighter and quieter engine.

Honda GS Series

Positioned squarely between the GC Series premium residential and the GX Series commercial engines, Honda GS horizontal shaft and vertical shaft models are designed to serve both premium residential and light-duty commercial markets. Intended for use on such popular applications as pumps, mowers, and tillers, Honda GS models satisfy the homeowner seeking ultimate performance and the contractor seeking a lightweight, compact and durable package.

  • Capitalizing on the same basic OHC architecture as the extremely popular Honda GC engines, GS engines features uniblock construction and a unique internal timing belt design that results in the lightest and most compact packages in their class.
  • The engines feature a cast iron cylinder sleeve and a dual element air filter.
  • With 187 cubic centimeters of displacement, this efficient design also delivers an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio with quiet operation and easy starting.


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