Honda BF250 Engine - Durability & Reliability

Describe how the design of the Honda BF250 engine results in increased durability and reliability.

The increased durability and reliability of the Honda BF250 stems from a redesigned gear case and a low gear ratio; an optional large diameter (16") propeller also can further enhance performance. The gear wheel diameter of the new BF250 engine is 10 percent larger than the Honda BF225 engine. In addition, the gear wheel's tooth tip is 38 percent thicker and the face pressure is reduced by nine percent. All of these enhancements contribute to the model's higher power output. The gear wheel material of the BF250 also is more durable, resulting from the removal of impurities from the nickel-chrome-molybdenum steel.

The gear case of the BF250 engine incorporates an advanced design that minimizes water resistance, and by extension, reduces the overall drag coefficient by five percent (without the use of a larger, optional propeller).

An improved gear tooth machining process that strengthens the surface and ultimately reduces the misalignment of the gear teeth contributes to increased durability and reliability for the Honda BF250.

The gear shaft construction of the new Honda BF250 is enhanced to incorporate a needle bearing support configuration for the forward-gear journal. This improved construction reduces tilting of the forward gear, thereby reducing the misalignment of the gears for higher power output.