Honda Snow Blowers Background Information

Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of snow blowers for commercial and consumer applications. The comprehensive product line consists of 14 models in five separate series, capable of clearing from 1,500 pounds per minute to 3,000 pounds per minute. All series, except the HS720 Series, are available with hydrostatic drive offering one lever speed and direction control.

Honda snow blowers, like all Honda products, offer easy starting, advanced 4-stroke engine technology. The compact HS720 features an overhead cam (OHC) GC Series engine with an internal timing belt, while other models are powered by Honda Industrial Series overhead valve (OHV) GX Series engines. Automatic decompression is standard in all engines to help ensure easy and reliable starting, even in extreme winter weather.

Honda Advanced Engineering

Honda snow blowers maintain the same standards of superior design, reliability, and quality of construction customers have come to expect from the Honda brand. All models are designed and tested for ease of operation, even in arctic-like conditions and while the operator is wearing heavy gloves or mitts. They are constructed with plated fasteners and finished with extra-durable paint to ensure many years of service in extreme environments.

The more powerful two-stage Honda snow blowers employ specially designed, heavy-duty serrated augers to chew through even the heavy snow buildup often left by municipal snow plows. The Honda track drive models also offer a single- auger height adjustment lever that permits the operator to easily adjust to changing clearing conditions and allows the auger to be locked down to clear to the pavement. The speed control lever, throttle and chute controls are all contained in a single control panel for simplified operation.

Product Line

Honda produces snow blower models in five series: three, single-stage models – HS720AA; HS720AM; HS720AS; and 11 two-stage models – HSS724AT; HSS724ATD; HSS724AW; HSS724AWD; HSS928AT; HSS928ATD; HSS928AW; HSS928AWD; HSS1332AT; HSS1332ATD; and the HS1336iAS. The HS720 AS offers AC electric start while all two-stage D models are equipped with an on-board battery for electric start.

Series/Clearing Width Power Lbs. / Min. Self-Propel System
HS720 (20 inches) 190cc GC190 OHC/OHV engine 1800 Auger-assist
HSS724 (24 inches) 200cc GX200 OHV engine 1500 Wheel or Track
HSS928 (28 inches) 270cc GX270 OHV engine 1900 Wheel or Track
HSS1332 (32 inches) 390cc GX390 OHV engine 2750 Track
HS1336i (36 inches)   Hybrid design, 390cc iGX390 OHV engine for auger drive; twin electric motors for track drive 3000 Track

Lightweight HS720

The Honda HS720 single-stage snow blowers provide excellent snow throwing performance and convenient operation in a compact package for both homeowners and commercial users. Powered by a lightweight OHC/OHV Honda 190cc GC190 engine, the HS720 Series delivers excellent fuel efficiency with optimal power output. The GC190 premium residential engine maintains its reputation as a quiet, easy starting, and durable engine within the HS720, even in the most frigid conditions. The new HS720AS model also adds an easy-to-use AC electric start.

The compact HS720 can clear up to 1,800 pounds of snow per minute, discharging that snow up to 33 feet away. Large volumes of snow are no problem, as the HS720 can clear a 20-inch width easily at a clearing height of 12 inches. In addition, the standard semi self-propelled Auger Assist feature makes quick work of snow removal by aiding in propulsion when needed. The conveniently positioned dual Snow Director™ control (AA, AS models) easily regulates the distance and direction snow is discharged. The Snow Director™ control also can turn a full 204 degrees to quickly change the direction of thrown snow.

All-New HSS Snow Blower Models

Designed with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and ease of use, and all-new for 2015, the HSS724A, HSS928A and HSS1332A two-stage models deliver superior performance and enhanced control and handling for both residential and commercial users. These all-new HSS Series models are being manufactured domestically at Honda Power Equipment Mfg., Inc. (HPE) in Swepsonville, NC, using domestic and globally sourced parts, and additional models will be exported worldwide to support customers worldwide. Ten all-new U.S. HSS snow blower models, each equipped with dramatic enhancements, are replacing the existing HS Series snow blower model counterparts. Key features include:

  • Finger Tip Steering Control – conveniently located hand lever controls allows for easy maneuvering, and disengagement of transmission for easy movement when not powered (all models)
  • Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) – far superior than traditional disk drive; provides single-lever variable speed control when operating in forward or reverse (all models)
  • Joystick Electric Chute Control – single joystick control (4-directions) provides precision
    control of chute rotation and discharge angle; directly powered by the engine's power coil; no battery required (all models)
  • DC Electric Start – no extension cord necessary; easy starting with the on-board battery, which is automatically charged by the engine (all electric start models)
  • Blower Diameter Increased – for increased snow removal speed and discharge distance
  • HSS724A increased from 252 to 300 mm (11.8 inches) over previous model
  • HSS928A increased from 300 to 340 mm (13.4 inches) over previous model
  • HSS1332A increased from 300 to 340 mm (13.4 inches) over previous model
  • Chamfered Scraper Bar – design allows for edge of scraper to hit snow and ice patches flush and evenly for improved snow clearing to the pavement (all models)
  • LED Headlight – integrated into cover for improved night visibility; brighter, long lasting, and never burns out (all models)
  • Auger Height Lever – adjustable gas strut to raise/lower and position the entire auger housing precisely, providing prefect ground clearance over gravel or non-smooth surfaces. (all track models)
  • Wheel Diameter – increased from 14” to 15” (over previous models) with directional tread for more ground contact and improved traction (all wheel models)
  • Oil Drain location – improved for easier access (all models)
  • Offset Blower Shear Bolt – unique design that provides for quick replacement and protects both auger and blower from damage (all models)
  • Auger Protection System – protects the shear bolts (HSS1332 models only)
  • Hour Meter – monitors hours of operation (HSS1332 models only)
  • Precision Deflector Chute – double-articulated deflector improves distance accuracy control (HSS1332ATD model only)
  • Impeller Shield  – optimized to more efficiently direct snow into the blower (all models)
  • Reversible Skid Shoes – increased durability, offering twice the wear surface (all models)
  • 3-Year Commercial and Residential Warranty (all HSS models)

Mid-Sized HSS724

The HSS724 is the lightest Honda two-stage snow blower offering a 23.8 inch clearing width, a hydrostatic, infinitely variable drive transmission, and an Industrial Series Honda GX200 OHV engine. Like all of the larger Honda HSS models, it features a joystick control discharge chute that can rotate 198 degrees using the easy to operate control panel. Ideal for commercial or residential applications, the HSS724 is available as a track or wheel-drive version, with or without electric start. All HSS724 models can clear up to 1,500 pounds per minute, and are able to discharge snow up to 49 feet.

Full-Size HSS928 Series and HSS1332 Series

Powered by a high-torque Honda 270cc GX270 OHV engine, the HSS928 Series is intended for aggressive snow clearing in demanding environments and is available in both wheel-driven (HSS928AW and HSS928AWD) and dual-track, self-propelled models (HSS928AT and HSS928ATD). Its newly enhanced design enables a 28-inch clearing width and a discharge distance of up to 52 feet and can clear up to 1,900 pounds of snow per minute. The new HSS928 also offers a choice of manual or electric starting.

For even greater capability in a walk-behind machine is the Honda HSS1332, clearing a 32-inch swath with its commercial grade 390cc GX390 Honda 4-stroke engine. The track-driven HSS1332 can move up to 2,750 pounds per minute at a discharge distance of up to 56 feet. The HSS1332 offers the Honda exclusive shear bolt guard and is available in both easy-starting manual or electric starter-equipped configurations. In both new product families, the models have improved performance over the models they replace, are eco-conscious, and are tough performers in the most extreme of environments.

HS1336i Hybrid Snow Blower

In 2011, Honda introduced the new HS1336i snow blower – the first Honda hybrid snow blower design available for the U.S. market. The hybrid configuration of the HS1336i model combines a Honda iGX Industrial Series engine that simultaneously drives the snow blower auger/fan apparatus (clearing and throwing the snow) and charges the twin on-board batteries, while a pair of high-torque electric motors deliver power to the track drive.

Equipped with the Honda iGX390 4-stroke engine, this advanced, microprocessor-controlled engine provides premium power, low fuel consumption and emissions. The HS1336i snow blower also boasts superior control/ease-of-use; powerful operation/snow throwing; lower noise; reliable operation; and enhanced technology. A summary of HS1336i snow blowerfeatures includes:

  • Finger-tip Controls – 3-mode operation control panel (automatic, semi-automatic, and manual), designed for ease of use and maneuverability
  • Self-propelled, infinitely variable hybrid electric drive – also provides for convenient electric transport mode (engine OFF) for relocating unit from storage to work areas
  • Electronic Joystick Chute Control – to easily direct snow discharge distance and direction
  • Honda iGX390 engine – intelligent, commercial-grade power
  • Track drive – easily adjustable auger height for maximum clearing performance and offering best traction available
  • Clearing capabilities – 36-inch clearing width, 22.8-inch clearing height, 3,000 pounds per minute
  • Discharge distance – up to 62 feet
  • Electronic indicators – track vital information for monitoring of all operating systems
  • Heavy-duty, Serrated Augers – break ice and automatically lift in reverse when automatic or semi-automatic modes are engaged
  • Electric starting – two heavy-duty batteries offer a clean, no hassle starting solution
  • Rear cover – integrated with tool box
  • Reversible two-position skid shoes
  • 3-Year Commercial and Residential Warranty

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Honda Power Equipment, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., markets a complete range of outdoor power equipment, including outboard marine engines, general purpose engines, generators, lawnmowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers and trimmers for commercial, rental and residential applications. Its comprehensive product line consists exclusively of 4-stroke engines.

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