Honda Power Equipment Introduces VersAttach™ Multi-Purpose System

  • Two Powerhead Options, Six Different Attachments Provide Ultimate in Versatility
  • Robust Attachment Lineup to Fit a Wide Range of Lawn and Garden Needs
  • Pairs Best-in-Class Honda Engines with Innovative, User Friendly Joint System

Honda Power Equipment today enters the split shaft trimmer market with the introduction of an all-new product offering, the Honda VersAttach™ Multi-Purpose System. Featuring two powerhead options and six different attachments, the VersAttach™ System combines the power and reliability of legendary Honda 4-stroke engines with a robust lineup of tools to fit a wide range of lawn and garden needs. The Honda Power Equipment team is launching its product to the lawn and garden industry at the 2015 Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) Show in Louisville, Kentucky. GIE+ EXPO is the industry's largest showcase for outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden products/outdoor leisure items and equipment used in light construction and landscape.

The all-new Honda VersAttach™ System offers two powerhead models, the UMC425, powered by a Honda GX25 Mini 4-Stroke engine, and the UMC435, powered by a GX35 Mini 4-Stroke engine. Each model can be paired with an optional interchangeable edger, line trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, pruner and cultivator that fit quickly and securely into the attachment shaft by way of Honda's SureLoc™ joint locking system, saving time and effort for the user.

Changing Attachments with a Click and a Twist

Honda engineers designed the VersAttach™ System for maximum versatility, user convenience and the ultimate in ease and comfort in operation. The product includes a number of technologically advanced design innovations, including the SureLoc™ joint locking system. This two-position joint mechanism operates with a click and a twist, allowing the user to easily connect and disconnect attachments with no tools required. The SureLoc™ feature, incorporating a durable high modulus resin key, is wear resistant, offers intuitive assembly and instant, secure engagement of attachments. In addition, the anti-vibration system includes two rubber-mount shaft inserts between the shaft and clutch and the handle assembly, providing comfortable use, especially for long periods of operation.

The VersAttach™ UMC425 powerhead features the best-in-class Honda ultra-lightweight GX25 Mini 4-Stroke engine, and the VersAttach™ UMC435 model offers the best-in-class Honda ultra-lightweight GX35 Mini 4-Stroke engine. Both models provide tenacious power and torque with exceptional fuel efficiency, low maintenance and dependable performance. In addition, 4-stroke engine technology eliminates the need to mix fuel and oil, saving the operator valuable time, money, and frustration of trying to get the right fuel/oil mixture. The innovative design of the Honda Mini 4-Stroke engine provides for full, 360 degree operation, allowing the VersAttach™ to be used—and stored—upright, sideways or even upside down.

"As the world's largest engine manufacturer, Honda pairs unparalleled depth of engine development experience with a commitment to designing products that meet or exceed the demands of our customers," said Scott Conner, Senior Vice President, Honda Power Equipment. "Our new VersAttach™ System, with its focus on user comfort and convenience, extends the Honda Power Equipment product portfolio to meet a broader range of consumer needs in the lawn and garden market."

Each VersAttach™ powerhead includes a pair of safety goggles and a single (GX25) or double harness (GX35) for added convenience and control. Both models carry a 36-month residential warranty and a 24-month commercial warranty.

The Power behind the Product

The ultra-lightweight GX25 Mini 4-Stroke engine, the power behind the UMC425 powerhead, is the world's lightest 4-Stroke overhead cam (OHC) engine, efficiently delivering the clean, powerful, quiet performance of a larger engine—but in a very compact package.  The Honda GX35 Mini 4-Stroke engine powering the UMC435 powerhead is the company's most powerful engine for handheld applications. Both engines are exceptionally easy to use and maintain, with easy starting, an easily accessible spark plug and easy access to drain and refill oil.

Efficient 4-stroke technology not only offers superior fuel economy, but also requires no mixing of oil in the fuel, substantially reducing oil consumption and the emission of unburned oil in the exhaust. The GX25 Mini 4-Stroke and the GX35 Mini 4-Stroke engines also feature an oil-immersed timing belt and OHC configuration, allowing the engines to be operated in any position. The belt-driven OHC design reduces mechanical noise, while the timing belt is designed to be maintenance-free over the life of the engine. Unlike many two-stroke competitors, the Honda Mini 4-Stroke engines provide powerful output across a wide range of operating speeds with ample low-speed torque, which means that they do not always need to be operated at wide open throttle. This reduces noise and operator fatigue while substantially increasing fuel efficiency. The advanced design of the Honda Mini 4-Stroke engines, including a cross-flow combustion chamber, provides a wide, smooth range of torque unique to 4-stroke technology. State-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques have reduced the number of moving parts. Many of these techniques have resulted in smoother operation for the end user.

One Engine for All

Honda continuously works to meet future, lower Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions standards applicable to its products. In January 2007, Honda Engines began certifying its models to the new, lower CARB 2007 standards, existing EPA Phase 2 emission requirements and offering technology and designs necessary to meet 50 state compliant engines. Investing in meeting the strictest of environmental regulations in order to develop one engine for use in all 50 states reflects Honda's forward thinking on emission regulations, air quality and the needs of its customers. Moreover, most Honda engines meet the current CARB exhaust and evaporative emissions requirements without the use of a catalytic converter.

As a result of Honda's forward thinking, the overall emissions from the Honda engine line-up have been reduced by more than 32 percent compared to 1995 levels. Further, the EPA implemented an emission control program to reduce hydrocarbon emissions from small spark-ignition engines by approximately 35 percent. Honda engines are in compliance with the current EPA Phase 3 standards (for both exhaust and evaporative emissions).


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Editor's Note:
Honda Power Equipment, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., markets a complete range of outdoor power equipment, including outboard marine engines, general purpose engines, generators, lawn mowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers and trimmers for commercial, rental and residential applications. Its comprehensive product line is powered exclusively by 4-stroke engines.

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