HP²S Honda Portable Power Systems - General Overview

The Honda Portable Power System (HP2S) is the first portable home back-up system that provides automatic, uninterruptible and intelligent transfer of power during outages. The HP2S also features an innovative home security component that operates independently of power outages.

The system, which incorporates the UL 1008 UL Standard for Safety Transfer Switch Equipment, combines a Honda generator, a smart transfer switch and a battery back-up (or UPS). It was developed exclusively for Honda Power Equipment by American Power Conversion (APC), a leading provider of global, end-to-end AC and DC-based back-up power products and services, including surge suppressors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioning equipment and power management software.

The System
The unique and versatile HP2S is an unprecedented technological advancement for residential power management. For the first time, a system is available to provide homeowners with a portable back-up power system that is easy to install and use and requires little interaction by the consumer when utility power is interrupted. And because the generator component of the system is portable, it can be used for recreational and other purposes away from the home.

The HP2S requires the installation of a unique, intelligent transfer switch by a certified electrician. The homeowner programs the HP2S transfer switch in advance, preselecting the appliances or electrical systems to be powered during an outage. When utility power is interrupted, the UPS maintains power to the pre-selected emergency systems (such as lights or garage door opener) while the homeowner turns on the generator. Once the generator is powered up, the HP2S transfer switch automatically transfers power to the pre-selected systems. It also intelligently monitors electricity usage, temporarily cutting back - or shedding - power to some systems and delivering power to others, allowing the generator to operate like one that is 20 percent to 50 percent more powerful.

HP2S represents a quantum leap in back-up power systems for homeowners. It is more intelligent, more efficient and more versatile than conventional systems. In bringing together components produced by two of the world leaders in technology innovation, HP2S provides homeowners not just with the security they want during power outages, but for the first time, flexibility, intelligent operation, ease of use and affordability.

The Brain

The brain behind HP2S is the American Power Conversion Universal Transfer Switch (UTS). While conventional transfer switches distribute all available power across their connected systems, the HP2S UTS uses advanced load-shedding technology to draw from its Honda Generator power plant only the wattage required to power the pre-programmed systems. In addition, the UTS adjusts the generator's engine speed accordingly to maximize efficiency. Load shedding also allows the UTS to recognize systems requiring additional power at a given time, and to shut down any systems not immediately required by the operator. Ultimately, load shedding contributes to high generator fuel efficiency while minimizing system overloads.

The UTS is equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly set-up wizard that guides the user through initial setup and configuration of the appliances or circuits to be served by the HP2S.

The Brawn
Honda Portable Power Systems are available in four classes, each of which is powered by one of four Honda generators:

HP2S Honda Portable Power Systems
System P2SEM40X P2SEM50X P2SEM65X P2SEU65i
Generator Model EM4000SX EM5000SXK2A EM6500SXK1A EU6500isA
Generator Series Deluxe Deluxe Deluxe Premium
UTS Switch 6 circuit 10 circuit 10 circuit 10 circuit
Cable 25-foot cable 25-foot cable 25-foot cable 25-foot cable
Inlet Box Optional Standard Standard Standard
Hardwire Kit Optional Standard Standard Standard
Battery Back-up (UPS) Optional 780w 780w 865w

Part of Honda's Deluxe Series generators line, the EM4000, EM5000, and EM6500 models offer convenient, reliable power during outages and brownouts. Powered by Honda's GX commercial-grade engine, the models feature a 6.6-gallon fuel tank, 120/240-volt selector switch, automatic voltage regulator and 12-volt DC battery charging. A standard heavy-duty frame and twowheel transport kit ensure easy portability, while multiple front panel outlets afford easy power connection. Additionally, optional electric-start capability provides easy starting at the flick of a switch.

The flagship of Honda's Super Quiet line of portable generators, the Honda EU6500is delivers 6,500 watts of dependable power for homeowners. Exclusive inverter technology eliminates the need for the bulky alternators found on competitive products, resulting in a package significantly smaller and lighter than conventional units with comparable output. The same inverter technology delivers electrical output with a sine wave equal to AC current from a standard household wall outlet - critical when power fluctuations can cause sensitive electronic devices to freeze or be interrupted. The EU6500is also features Honda's patented Eco-Throttle® technology, which significantly improves fuel efficiency and long-term durability by adjusting power output and engine speed according to load requirements.

The Back-Up
HP2S offers two battery-powered back-up capacities that provide uninterrupted power immediately following an outage. Offered as an option with EMSX4000-powered systems, and standard equipment with EM5000SX and EM6500SX systems, is a 780-watt Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) battery unit that provides sufficient power to open a garage door and supply limited lighting to the home. By providing lights for stairways or basement and allowing the garage door to be opened automatically, the UPS makes it easier for the homeowner to roll the portable generator outside and power it up quickly.

Available as an upgrade to the P2SEM40X, P2SEM50X and the P2SEM65X systems is an 865-watt UPS that is standard equipment with the P2SEU65i configuration. The UPS battery back-up systems also can provide added home security during vacations. The UTS can be programmed to turn lights on and off at predetermined times.

Other Features
Each system includes a 25-foot power cable enabling the homeowner to connect the generator to the UTS. An optional exterior inlet box, hard-wired into the UTS, lets the homeowner plug the generator directly into the inlet box from outside.

The Team
Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of portable generators from 1,000 to 6,500 watts for a variety of commercial, residential, and recreational applications.

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in critical power and cooling services, provides industry-leading product, software and systems for home, office, data center and factory floor applications. APC delivers pioneering, energy-efficient solutions for critical technology and industrial applications.