2023 Honda ADV150 Features & Benefits

Injecting an enjoyable sense of escapade into even the most mundane urban commutes, Honda's ADV150 delivers on the "City Adventure" concept, with a rugged-yet-capable design that combines a low vehicle weight with practical features like an automatic transmission, two-stage adjustable windscreen and under-seat storage. Put it all together, and the result is the Africa Twin of the scooter world—a sensible machine that adeptly traverses metropolitan roads and is even up for mini-adventures.

Styling should not come at the expense of comfort or range, which is why Honda took all aspects into account when finalizing the ADV150's unique crossover design. The result is a machine that only Honda could imagine—rugged, comfortable and incredibly practical. Still very much intended for around-town commutes, the ADV150 features ample storage, great wind protection and an elevated rear seat that enables a passenger to take in the scenery. Additional considerations were made for range and ease of use, the ADV150 featuring a centerstand and side standanda 12-volt accessory adapter for keeping personal electronics charged. It also has a 2.1 gallon fuel tank which, when combined with the scooter's impressive fuel economy, results in impressive range for day-to-day adventures.

  • The rugged design is intended to spark a rider's adventurous spirit.
  • A two-position toolless-adjustable windscreen provides protection from wind and weather in its highest setting or allows a breeze in its lowest setting. Total range is 71mm.
  • A 27-liter under-seat luggage box offers storage for essential adventure gear.
  • A dash compartment provides convenient storage of small items, while an inner accessory socket allows charging of electronic devices.
  • The compact, individual turn signals and slim rear fender create a lightweight, dynamic image.
  • The muffler is compact and positioned high for tough, adventure-ready looks.
  • The engine, drivetrain and fuel tank are mounted low in the frame, lowering the center of gravity, which adds to the confidence-inspiring handling, especially in parking lots or tight traffic conditions.
  • All-LED lighting to minimize size, weight and energy consumption, and to maximize mass-centralization and illumination.
  • The taillight is separate from the rear turn signals, and incorporates an "X" design that expresses the crossover concept.
  • The LCD main meter's design is compact, but ample information is available, thanks to the meter's square shape and a separate screen. The main meter displays date, time, oil-change indicator, fuel meter, odometer, A and B trip meters, speedometer, instant fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, air temperature, battery voltage and fuel meter. A separate sub-meter displays turn signals, high beam, coolant temperature and fuel injection.
  • With Honda's Smart Key system, the scooter's main knob is automatically activated as the owner approaches, and the engine can be started without inserting the key. (An on/off switch prevents a third party from using the scooter even when the owner is in the vicinity.) The system incorporates an "answer-back" switch that flashes the turn signals to help the owner locate the scooter, as well as an anti-theft mechanism whereby the handlebar remains locked when an attempt is made to start the scooter by force. The fuel lid and seat are unlocked via a rocker switch adjacent to the main knob.

Adventure is just around the corner, which is why the ADV150 was outfitted with features that will help riders venture off the beaten path. ADV-style suspension and tires are robust, while the scooter's ground clearance lends itself to rough-road exploration. Commutes and city-street riding are also taken into account, the ADV150's chassis emphasizing nimble handling and a low center of gravity.

  • The engine, drivetrain and fuel tank are mounted low in the frame, lowering the center of gravity. This adds to the confidence-inspiring handling, especially in parking lots or tight traffic conditions.
  • The lightweight, compact frame has optimized rigidity characteristics to manage rough backroads.
  • The wheels have narrow spokes (12 front, 10 rear), to transmit a consistent load from rim to axle. This provides the rider with accurate information about the road surface and helps him or her to make informed riding inputs.
  • The 31mm telescopic Showa fork has a class-leading front-suspension travel of 5.1 inches.
  • The twin piggyback Showa shocks offer 4.7 inches of travel and consistent damping force. Their triple-rate springs deliver progressive loading for excellent road-holding performance in varying situations, including two-up riding and traveling through rough terrain.
  • A petal-style, 240mm front brake rotor minimizes unsprung weight and sheds water and debris from the brake-pad surface, while a 130mm drum rear brake aids in overall stopping performance. Front ABS is standard.
  • The model-specific wide, tubeless tires feature a block pattern that works well in conditions from urban roads to rugged bypasses.
  • For increased strength, the handlebar features a tapered design (28.6mm at the clamp area), similar to those of larger adventure models like the Africa Twin.

The ADV150's 149cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine features a smooth power delivery with a broad high-rev range, which helps it stand out in cities or on backroads. The fuel-efficient enhanced Smart Power design (eSP) features advanced technologies including an ACG starter. The air-intake/exhaust system is optimized, and ample torque in the low and middle rev ranges helps the rider to tackle varying terrain.

  • Compared to the city-focused PCX150, the ADV150's intake system has a 21mm longer air-cleaner duct and a 2mm longer connecting tube, for improved low- and midrange torque.
  • A diagonally mounted muffler has an inner pipe structure and catalyzer location that are optimized to minimize emissions and deliver good performance in varying conditions.
  • The continuously variable Honda V-Matic automatic transmission provides a smooth power delivery and requires no shifting, enabling riders to concentrate on the ride.

Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a HondaCare® Protection Plan.

  • Meets current EPA standards
  • Models sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment


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