2024 Honda CRF300L Rally Features & Benefits

  • CRF300L Rally
  • CRF300L Rally ABS

Authentic rally styling meets an approachable dual-sport icon: The CRF300L Rally builds upon the CRF300L platform with comfort-focused enhancements like a frame-mounted wind screen, hand guards and a high-capacity fuel tank. For those who seek an affordable entry to the ADV world or just an approachable, comfortable commuter, the CRF300L Rally is the perfect tool for the job. Plus, with industry-leading reliability, this entry-level adventure machine is always ready for the next ride.


The CRF300L Rally is adventure-ready, with a largest-in-class, 3.4-gallon fuel tank. Considering the model's excellent fuel economy, range is considerable—over 250 miles in testing.

As with the Monster Energy Honda factory rally machines, the rear section is kept slim, which enables easy rider movement and concentrates the mass near the front of the bike. The striking red, white, black and blue graphics mimic the look of the CRF Performance line, and are complemented by a black frame.

Components are light to keep overall vehicle weight relatively low.

Riding Position
The riding position is designed for good rider input and vehicle maneuverability. Handlebar sweep allows for a natural elbow position and light steering, and vibration is minimized via handlebar weights (5.8 ounces each) and rubber foot-peg platforms. The seat has a rubber mounting cushion and is 190mm wide for comfort, though the front is narrow to facilitate the rider's feet touching the ground when needed. Passenger pegs come standard.

The digital meter features black characters on a white background, and characters are large for good visibility. In addition to speed, clock and rpm readings, functions include gear position, fuel mileage and fuel consumption.


The liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke power plant, has bore-and-stroke figures of 76.0mm and 63.0mm, respectively, for a 286cc displacement. Power output is particularly strong in the rev range's lower and middle areas, which are used often in both city riding and off-road going.

Good throttle control is achieved, especially at low rpm, thanks in part to a large, 38mm throttle body and an exhaust system that also delivers low sound output while keeping vibrations to a minimum. The engine features a valve train with a rocker-arm design, enabling a compact cylinder head, while the counterbalancer provides smooth running.

The six-speed gearbox features close spacing in the lower gears and wide spacing in the higher gears, enabling optimum gear selection while still allowing comfortable high-speed cruising—a great balance between suitability for city, long-distance and off-road applications.

The CRF300L Rally has a very light clutch-lever pull, thanks in part to an assist/slipper clutch that also provides good performance during aggressive downshifting.


Overall vehicle weight is low, thanks to careful selection of components. For example, the lower triple clamp is constructed from aluminum instead of steel, minimizing steering effort and keeping the center of gravity low.

Frame / Swingarm
Through optimization of its main components, the frame's weight is minimized, while optimized lateral rigidity allows maneuverability and good rider feel. Diameter of the cradle tubes is 25.4mm. In addition, ground clearance is a considerable 10.9 inches, reducing the chance of interference during riding in rough off-road conditions. Similarly, the swingarm's lateral and torsional rigidity are optimized, and its overall cross section is designed to deliver a uniform distribution of twist, resulting in good feel and predictable handling. The swingarm's weight is low, minimizing sprung weight for excellent suspension action.

A 43mm inverted Showa fork is paired with a Pro-Link® single-shock rear system. Front and rear suspension travel are 10.2 inches and 10.4 inches, respectively, for excellent on- and off-road performance.

Wheels / Brakes
As with high-performance off-road machines, the wheel sizes are 21 inches at the front and 18 inches rear, enabling smooth rolling over rough terrain. The black aluminum rims have been polished, resulting in a glossy appearance and easy cleaning. The rear axle is hollow to minimize unsprung weight.

Hydraulic brakes are used front and rear, with 296 and 220mm rotors, respectively, and available ABS for smooth, controlled stops in varying conditions. The rear-brake master cylinder incorporates the reservoir, similar to the design used on the CRF Performance line, for a simple, clean design. Conveniently, ABS can be turned off at the rear, providing a different riding feel in off-road conditions.


A number of Honda Accessories are offered, including an electrical socket, wider foot pegs, heated grips, a top box, a rack and more.

  • Meets current EPA and CARB standards
  • California version differs slightly due to emissions equipment