2024 Honda Trail125 Features & Benefits

As a nod to the Trail 90 and Trail 110 of the 1960s, the Honda Trail125 embraces a timeless, classic aesthetic while maintaining the approachable, versatile nature of its predecessors. Its authentic vintage styling is contrasted by the state-of-the-art fuel injection, electric starter, disc brakes and front-wheel ABS—all of which promote a comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride. This nostalgic miniMOTO is also multitalented, with the ability to thrive in urban environments and venture past the pavement's end for casual off-road adventures.


In 1960, Idaho dealer Herb Uhl began modifying Honda's popular step-through 50 and selling it for use in the area's rugged mountain terrain. American Honda learned of the concept and sent an example of the updated machine to Japan, and by March of 1961, the CA100T Trail 50 was offered in the U.S. The machine was a huge hit, and the platform evolved through numerous upgrades and revisions, eventually becoming the popular CT brand.

Milestone models included the 1964 CT200 Trail 90, the 1969 CT70 Trail 70 and the 1981 CT110. Over the course of nearly three decades, well over 725,000 units from the CT series were sold in the U.S. before it disappeared for several decades. Then in 2019, a concept CT125 debuted at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, paying tribute to the popular platform of old. It received rave reviews, along with requests for a production model, and that wish was granted with the introduction of the 2021 Honda Trail125. Last year, the model has been upgraded again, with a new, more efficient engine.


The many improvements to the function and capability of the original CT series have not detracted from the distinctive CT design, which is carefully preserved in the modern Trail125. With the goal of balancing the image of a tough-yet-modern machine, Honda's designers simplified the surfaces of each part on the frame while preserving the symbolic elements such as the upswept muffler, air-cleaner cover, fuel tank, large rear carrier, steel front fender, turn signals, footpegs and handgrips.

A 3-D emblem of the signature original Honda wing logo represents the traditional series model while the drop-shadow Honda logo, reminiscent of the CT-series, is attached on left and right side covers.

Electronic features include the following:

  • 190 watt generator output
  • LED lighting
  • Large, square turn signals mimic the look of the older CT models and are durable for off-road use


The Trail125 features a 124cc air-cooled, two-valve, overhead-camshaft, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. Efficient, quiet, fuel-efficient and durable, the engine combines the bottom end (with redesigned crankcases) from the Japanese-market C110 with the SOHC, two-valve top end of the Grom. The engine produces useable, enjoyable power all the way through the rev range, while still offering impressive fuel economy.

Bore and stroke dimensions are 50.0mm and a 63.1mm respectively, and the compression ratio is 10.0:1. State-of-the-art programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) has automatic enrichment and electronic ignition, ensuring trouble-free starting and efficient operation in every conceivable condition.

Compared to the Super Cub, the Trail125 has a longer intake and tuned exhaust for enhanced low- and midrange power, as well as a three-tooth-larger rear sprocket (38 teeth) for lower gearing—all changes that are ideal for trekking and touring on forest-service roads and trails. The airbox is designed to match the engine. It smooths airflow on the clean side of the panel-type, wet-paper filter (which has a 10,000-mile life in normal riding conditions) and—along with the connecting tube and injector position—improves driveability. Many Trail125 owners prefer to do their own maintenance, and a welcome feature is a replaceable oil filter.

While the outward appearance of the muffler (one element of the Trail125's "mythology") stays the same, the internals are modernized; with the gain in combustion efficiency, a single, more efficient catalyzer replaces the pair of catalyzers used with the previous exhaust. The ECU programming maximizes performance and efficiency, and the alternator output has been increased.

As before, the transmission has four speeds (with neutral at the bottom), and in true Trail125 tradition, it's operated via an automatic centrifugal clutch, eliminating the need for a clutch lever. At standstill, the rider simply selects the gear required with the left foot lever; as the throttle is opened, the clutch operates automatically, and it continues to do so through each ratio change, up or down. A helical primary gear reduces mechanical noise. For optimum shift feel and reduced shift noise, the engine has a high-quality shift-drum bearing, shift-arm rubber, and optimized clutch-damper rubber material.

Compared to the Super Cub, the wheelbase of the Trail125 is .5 inches longer at 49.5, the front-suspension stroke is .4 inches longer at 4.3, ground clearance is 1.1 inches higher at 6.5, and the seat height is .8 inches higher at 31.5. Together with the following features, these dimensions allow the Trail125 to readily traverse uneven road surfaces and challenging terrain while still providing ample rider comfort and control:

  • The head pipe is reinforced and the triple clamp redesigned to ensure a balance between frame rigidity and flex.
  • An upswept bend enables the handlebar to be turned 45 degrees in each direction so that the rider can easily make course corrections at low speed.
  • Dual-sport-style knobby tires mounted on 17-inch rims with stainless-steel spokes offer traction and long life.
  • Disc brakes front and rear ensure excellent braking power even when luggage is loaded; ABS is standard.
  • The seat is narrower at the front to facilitate foot reach to the ground.

The fuel-tank capacity is 1.4 gallons (0.4 gallons larger than the Super Cub), increasing range when fuel stations are few and far between. The high-mounted air intake and upswept exhaust enhance low-end power and are consistent with the CT lineage, and the engine guard adds protection from obstacles like large rocks and tree stumps.

As a package, the Trail125 pays tribute to the original CT line while embracing the convenience and performance of modern technology, making it a great tool for riding around town or exploring the wilderness.

Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a HondaCare® Protection Plan.