Upgrades to 2022 Honda Talons Improve Driving Experience

  • Six-version platform includes three trim levels with FOX Live Valve suspension
  • 2021 model earned prestigious wins in off-road racing events

Honda today announced its 2022 Talon 1000 sport side-by-side lineup, comprising standard and FOX Live Valve iterations of the Talon 1000R, Talon 1000X and Talon 1000X-4. The six-version family benefits from a number of upgrades for the new model year, many of which are focused on enhancing the gratification of driving, via comfort- and convenience-focused changes to the driver/passenger cabin.

Platform-wide Talon improvements for 2022 include a relocated meter with improved visibility; extended shift paddles for easier manual gear changes during dynamic driving; better mud protection via seat sealing; revised ignition timing for smoother transitions from deceleration to acceleration; updated styling; improved i-4WD and a pre-wired switch panel to facilitate installation of electronic accessories.

“We’re pleased to bring important updates to the Talon 1000 family for 2022,” said Brandon Wilson, American Honda Manager of Sports & Experiential. “Produced in the USA, the Talon is the industry’s only sport side-by-side platform to offer technology like an automatic Dual Clutch Transmission and i-4WD, and it’s also proving itself in competition, with class wins in the most recent editions of the Baja 1000, King of the Hammers and Mint 400. With Honda’s renowned durability, quality and reliability, plus significant upgrades to improve the driving experience, the Talon is better than ever.”

All six Talon 1000 trim levels will be available in June.

With a 68.4-inch vehicle width and a 92.7-inch wheelbase, the Talon 1000R is ideal when the priority is bump absorption while tackling rugged, wide-open terrain. Front and rear wheel-travel figures are 17.7 inches and 20.1 inches, respectively. The R is also offered in a version that features technology garnered from Honda’s close working relationship with Fox and Bosch®, both leaders in their respective categories. The FOX Live Valve system automatically and independently adjusts damping on each shock for reduced bottoming, pitch and roll. The headlights are LED on the FOX Live Valve version, for added visibility.

  • Colors
    • Talon 1000R: Matte Abyss Black; Pearl Orange
    • Talon 1000R FOX Live Valve: Matte Abyss Black; Pearl Red; Tonic Yellow Pearl
  • MSRP
    • Talon 1000R: $21,099
    • Talon 1000R FOX Live Valve: $23,299
  • Info

Though it shares the same one-piece frame as the 1000R two-seaters, the Talon 1000X has a different vehicle width and wheelbase – 64.0 inches and 87.6 inches, respectively. This makes it maneuverable and precise, great for tackling narrow, technical trails that include frequent changes of direction. Also assisting in that regard is the suspension configuration, which results in front and rear wheel-travel figures of 14.6 and 15.1 inches. As with the R versions, the X is available in a FOX Live Valve trim level that has the same dimensions and suspension arrangement as the standard X, but with high-tech self-adjusting suspension.

  • Colors
    • Talon 1000X: Matte Abyss Black; Pearl Orange
    • Talon 1000X FOX Live Valve: Matte Abyss Black; Pearl Red; Matte Blue Metallic
  • MSRP
    • Talon 1000X: $20,999
    • Talon 1000X FOX Live Valve: $22,299
  • Info

TALON 1000X-4
Start with the incredible two-seat Talon 1000X, then open the experience up to two more passengers, and the result is this Talon four-seater. It has the same 64.0-inch width as the standard X, but its wheelbase is 116.4 inches. Front and rear wheel-travel figures are 14.6 inches and 15.0 inches, respectively. The Talon 1000X4 is available in standard and FOX Live Valve versions, both of which have a new storage area under the driver seat.

  • Colors
    • Talon 1000X-4: Matte Abyss Black; Pearl Orange
    • Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve: Matte Abyss Black; Pearl Red; Matte Blue Metallic
  • MSRP
    • Talon 1000X-4: $22,199
    • Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve: $24,199
  • Info

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