2023 Honda CB1000R Black Edition Features & Benefits

Known as much for its eye-catching style as its versatility, the CB1000R Black Edition touts both flair and function. Aggressive on the road and in the parking lot, this naked bike stops traffic on coffee-shop runs, but its powerful engine and nimble handling make it a great choice for the canyons as well.

The CB1000R Black Edition’s design aesthetic was created not only with a fondness for the past, but with an eye on the future as well. The model takes Honda’s identifiable, impressive standard-bike styling statement as a springboard and turns up the dial. The bike’s stance is rocked over for an aggressive, hunched-forward appearance. Seven-spoke cast-aluminum wheels add to the intricate, attention-grabbing style.

The stylish, round headlight sits in a teardrop-style casing and lays rearward, between the fork legs. For similar styling treatment, the radiator shrouds are compact and angled in the direction of travel, a design cue mirrored by the airbox covers.

While the CB1000R Black Edition may stop traffic with its looks, the day-to-day practicalities have not been overlooked, and ease of use is impressive. A five-inch, full-color, high-visibility TFT screen offers four types of speed/rpm display, as well as fuel gauge/consumption, riding mode selection/engine parameters and a Shift Up indicator. Management is via the buttons on the left handlebar.

Nearly all the components are dark in color. In fact, apart from a few machined-aluminum details—on the wheel spokes, swingarm plates, engine covers and handlebar clamps, everything on show is black. This includes the headlight bezel, wind screen, fork legs, radiator shrouds, airbox covers (with an anodized finish), exhaust header and muffler. A machined CB logo adds a finishing touch.

The CB1000R Black Edition’s chassis employs a mono-backbone steel frame and uses split-tightening aluminum pivot plates to grip the signature single-sided swingarm. Rake is set at 25 degrees and trail at 100mm. Wheelbase is 57.3 inches and curb weight is 470 lbs. Weight bias is 48.5/51.5 (front/rear).

The rider triangle is shaped to be sporty yet comfortable in a wide variety of settings, from city streets to twisting backroads, as the wide, tapered aluminum handlebar is matched to a rider-friendly 32.7-inch seat height. The flangeless fuel tank is broad-shouldered, but heavily cut away to allow plenty of knee room.

The adjustable Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston unit (SFF-BP) contains all the damping function in one leg, minimizing weight while delivering compliance, comfort and control across a broad range of riding conditions. The Showa shock adjusts for spring preload and rebound damping, enabling the rider to set the bike up to his or her liking.

Up front, dual radial-mount four-piston calipers bite 310mm floating discs, matched to a twin-piston caliper and 256mm disc in the rear, and two-channel ABS. The intricately designed cast-aluminum seven-spoke wheels exude bold elegance; the rear tire (sitting on a 6-inch-wide rim) is a 190/55 ZR17 size, while the front is a 120/70 ZR17.

The CB1000R Black Edition’s 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine provides healthy doses of both power and torque, with bore and stroke set at 75.0mm x 56.5mm and compression ratio measuring 11.6:1. The redline begins at 11,500 rpm, and the rev-limiter cuts in at 12,000 rpm. The PGM-FI settings are optimized for smooth power delivery and good response.

The engine is tuned to deliver impressive torque from 6,000 to 8,000 rpm, aiding the bike’s roll-on acceleration and real-world performance. Meanwhile, the airbox, ducting and air filter provide smooth airflow into the engine, minimizing pressure loss along the route from the outer ducts; a 44mm diameter throttle body feeds the air/fuel mixture into large-diameter inlet ports and carefully shaped combustion chambers.

The exhaust adds to the bike’s midrange muscle and helps minimize weight, and the exhaust note is tuned internally, meaning that as the revs rise past 5,500 rpm, the bike takes on a significantly deeper, rawer tone.

Throttle By Wire (TBW) provides additional control over the engine via three default riding modes plus one USER mode, each managed between the left handlebar and the TFT screen.

Available are three levels of Engine Power (P), Engine Brake (EB) and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC); HSTC can also be switched off. The riding modes offer different combinations of each parameter.

  • RAIN mode employs the lowest Power setting for the least-aggressive power delivery, medium Engine Braking and high HSTC. The lower levels of power and torque delivery are focused on the first three gears.
  • STANDARD mode uses the middle setting for Power, HSTC and Engine Braking. It softens the power delivery a little in first and second gears and uses a power delivery just below that of SPORT mode, with reduced torque at partial throttle openings.
  • SPORT uses the highest Power delivery and lowest levels of Engine Braking and HSTC to deliver maximum performance through all six gears, maximum torque and power at all throttle positions and minor intervention from HSTC.
  • USER mode allows the rider to choose between the three settings for each parameter and save the setting for future use.

The CB1000R Black Edition has a three-level, adjustable quick shifter, for fast, smooth up-and-down gear changes during spirited riding.

  • Meets current EPA and CARB standards
  • California version differs slightly due to emissions equipment