2022 Honda Pioneer 520 Features & Benefits

Designed in Ohio and manufactured in South Carolina, the Honda Pioneer 520 side-by-side is fun, rugged and reliable. It's a useful tool on the ranch or farm, and also a fun machine on width-restricted trails that are normally the realm of ATVs. With an ideal mix of maneuverability and power, the Pioneer 520's suspension and 518cc engine ensure capability and comfort. A five-speed transmission with automatic and manual shifting modes helps users accomplish the tasks and challenges encountered on the job or trail. This side-by-side also features considerable cargo options for work or play, including a dump bed and compatibility with Honda Pro-Connect accessories.


A 450-pound capacity dump bed provides users with greater utility. Interior bed dimensions are 25.9" long x 38.7" wide x 9.8" high, and Honda has packed in a lot of functionality, incorporating recess rings for 5-gallon buckets, ridges to help position milk crates, slots to hold a wood divider and five D-rings for tie-downs. There are even cup-holder rings in the gate.

In addition, the Pioneer 520 is Pro-Connect compatible, with 10 latches located around the bed's perimeter, to easily accept nine Pro-Connect accessories—including cargo boxes, bed rails and chainsaw mounts—without the need for tools, improving flexibility and convenience. A total of 41 accessories are offered, some of which are interchangeable with other Pro-Connect compatible Honda side-by-sides and ATVs. Examples include a bed rack, cargo boxes, a chainsaw mount and more.

The 50-inch vehicle width is exclusive to Honda in this class, a signature design element that has proven popular with customers. The compact size means the Pioneer 520 can be ridden on public ATV trails everywhere, maximizing the vehicle's versatility. It can even be loaded into the bed of a full-sized pickup truck for transport.

Overall length is 105.0 inches, and wheelbase is 73.0 inches. Front and rear suspension travel are 5.8 and 5.9 inches, respectively, and ground clearance is 8.5 inches, great for tackling uneven or challenging terrain.

Honda's engineers ensured shocks are designed for increased comfort and control. Front and rear suspension are modern independent double-wishbone designs; the rear suspension has adjustable preload to tailor the ride height to match loads.

All four rims have 12-inch diameters and are shod with 24-inch-diameter all-terrain tires—24x8-12 up front and 24x10-12 in the back. This setup makes for a good balance between traction, easy steering and good maneuverability in tight quarters. The front brakes comprise dual hydraulic calipers with 200mm discs, while the rear brake is a single hydraulic caliper with a 170 mm disc—a combination that provides substantial braking power.


The Pioneer 520 is powered by the proven, fuel-injected four-stroke 518cc engine tuned for side-by-side application. The largest engine in its class, the power plant has bore-and-stroke figures of 96.0 mm and 75.3 mm. As a result, it offers increased low-to-midrange power and torque, making it great for tackling chores or scrambling up trails while exploring challenging terrain. Power is fed directly to front and rear driveshafts, with no belt drive to maintain. Once again, it is mounted longitudinally in the chassis, an arrangement that allows direct driveshaft alignment to front and rear wheels for maximum drivetrain efficiency.

At the same time, ease of use is prioritized. The air cleaner is readily accessible, as is the battery box, by lifting the bed. Two drive modes—two- and four-wheel drive—are selectable on-the-fly via an easy-to-reach, dash-mounted knob. The five-speed automatic transmission with reverse takes the hassle out of gear selection. The manual mode, operated with paddle shifters on the steering column, gives the user shifting control when conditions warrant. The Pioneer 520's shift mapping is tuned to upshift at lower engine speeds, improving shift rhythm. Calibration is set to optimize shift shock, and manually overriding automatic mode is possible through a wider rpm range.

Towing capacity is 1,000 pounds.


The Pioneer 520 is available in Honda Phantom Camo®, Gray Resin, Moose Brown and Red. MSRP is $9,599 ($10,199 for Honda Phantom Camo). For more information, please visit www.powersports.honda.com

WARRANTY: Transferable one-year limited warranty; extended coverage available with a HondaCare Protection Plan

  • Meets current EPA and CARB off-road emissions standards
  • Recommended for drivers 16 years of age and older