Honda Gold Wing Numbers

20%: Reduction in clutch-operation load on the 2018 Honda Gold Wing

6: Number of cylinders in the prototype engine for the original GL. (The production version would have four cylinders, though the engine grew to six cylinders in 1988.)

5.3 lbs.: Reduction in weight achieved through use of an Integrated Starter Generator system (ISG) on the 2018 Gold Wing, combining the generator and starter-motor functions

43rd: Anniversary that the Gold Wing is celebrating in the 2018 model year

SCM440H: Name of the high-strength steel-alloy material used for the 2018 Gold Wing's crankshaft, which enabled Honda engineers to reduce the component's dimensions

CRF450R: Honda model (an award-winning, high-performance motocrosser) from which the 2018 Gold Wing's Unicam® valve-train design was borrowed

1.1: Number of gallons by which the 2018 Gold Wing's fuel-tank capacity was reduced without sacrificing range, thereby improving performance and handling

999cc: Engine displacement of the original 1975 GL1000 Gold Wing

20%: Improvement in fuel economy for the 2018 Gold Wing during testing

13.7 lbs.: Amount by which weight has been reduced on the 2018 manual-transmission Gold Wing's engine

7: Number of speeds in the 2018 Gold Wing's advanced automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

.75 mph: Speed at which the 2018 Gold Wing travels when in Reverse Walking Mode

$2,899: MSRP for the original, 1975 Gold Wing GL1000

4: Number of riding modes on the 2018 Honda Gold Wing: Tour, Sport, Econ, and Rain

7 inches: Size of the 2018 Gold Wing's full-color Thin Film Transistor (TFT) liquid-crystal display

1,000: Number of miles Cycle magazine rode their 1988 GL1500 test unit in a single day for a story

4: Number of electric preload suspension-adjustment settings for the 2018 Gold Wing Tour: Rider, Rider + Luggage, Rider + Passenger, Rider + Passenger + Luggage

+80 lbs.: Amount by which weight has been reduced on the 2018 version, compared to its predecessor

Project 371: Prototype code name of the Shoichiro Irimajiri-led development project for the original Gold Wing

30%: Reduction in shock transmitted from the road surface to the handlebars on the 2018 Honda Gold Wing, thanks to the double-wishbone front-suspension system

4.4 lbs.: Amount by which weight was reduced in the Gold Wing frame and swingarm for 2018

110 liters: Total capacity of the saddlebags and rear trunk on 2018 Gold Wing Tour models