And the Winner is...Insight

American Honda and the new Insight, featuring Honda's exclusive Integrated Motor Assist (IMA™) system, has been recognized as a leader in alternative-fuel technology with awards from The Sierra Club, Clean Car Coalition, Popular Mechanics, Automobile Magazine, American Woman Motorscene Magazine and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

The Sierra Club honored the Insight with its "Award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering," the first time an award has been given to a product in the organization's 108-year history. The recognition acknowledges the Insight for its revolutionary hybrid design and record-breaking highway fuel economy of 70 mpg. According to EPA ratings for 2000, the Insight achieves almost 20 mpg more than its closest competitor.

"We want people to know there are environmentally sound alternatives readily available," stated Carl Pope, Sierra Club executive director. "In this case, Honda built a great car and has committed to marketing the Insight in all 50 states."

The Environmental Progress Award was bestowed on the Insight from the Clean Car Coalition, honoring the Insight with its "Clean Car Salute" for being the first U.S.-marketed gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, for exceeding the Coalition's fuel efficiency standards and for its progress in reducing tailpipe emissions.

The Coalition is comprised of state, regional and national environmental organizations with a goal to promote a cleaner motor vehicle industry. Its "Clean Car Salute" was developed to applaud substantial efforts to improve the environment and to help consumers easily identify companies taking the lead in clean vehicles.

Honda also received Popular Mechanics' prestigious "Design and Engineering Award 2000," which honors innovation and invention in the automotive, technology, home improvement, outdoor and science industries. Of the thousands of products reviewed, the Insight was one of only 25 to receive the award.

Automobile Magazine's "Technology of the Year" award also recognized the Insight's Integrated Motor Assist system as the "foundation for all future vehicles."

American Woman Motorscene's "Most Likely to Change the World" award for electric/alternative fuel vehicles was also given to the Honda Insight based on the merits of its design and technology. "Honda cars have that perfect combination of style, safety, performance and practicality our readers look for when buying a new vehicle," said Courtney Caldwell, editor-in-chief of American Woman Motorscene.

The ACEEE, a D.C.-based nonprofit research organization, has put the Insight on the top of its "Greener Choices 2000" list in ACEEE's Green Book: The Environmental Guide to Cars and Trucks - Model Year 2000. The list compiles a selection of the most environmentally-friendly gasoline vehicles in each class size based on tailpipe emissions, fuel economy and pollutants emitted during the manufacturing process.

Ben Knight, vice president of Honda research and development (left) and Richard Szamborski, assistant vice president of Honda market operations (right), accept the Sierra Club's "Award for Excellence in Environmental Engineering" presented by Carl Pope, executive director of Sierra Club (center).