2024 Digital FactBook – North America R&D / Engineering

U.S. R&D Operations

Honda established its first research and development operation in the U.S. in 1975 to conduct market research. Today, Honda conducts the research, design and development of new technologies and products in the U.S., including Honda and Acura automobiles, Honda power equipment, Honda powersports products, and HondaJet. Honda currently operates 23 R&D facilities in the U.S.

Operation Location Began
R&D Business Unit Torrance, California 1975
Responsibilities: Market and technology research for Honda and Acura vehicles.
The R&D Business Unit, part of American Honda, is responsible for user experience research for
Honda and Acura automobiles and Honda power sports products.
Honda Design Studio Torrance, California 1975
Responsibilities:Market research, concept development and styling design for Honda automobiles
and power sports products.
The Honda Design Studio, now part of American Honda, is responsible for vehicle styling for Honda
automobiles and power sports products. Associates designed the all-new Honda Prologue electric
vehicle, and the current Odyssey, Pilot, Passport and Ridgeline.
Acura Design Studio Torrance, California 2006
Responsibilities: Market research, concept development and styling design for Acura models.
The Acura Design Studio was established within the Torrance campus to focus solely on the Acura automotive brand. Now part of American Honda, the studio is responsible for the design of the all-new Acura ZDX electric vehicle and the current Acura TLX, TLX Type S, RDX, MDX and MDX Type S.
North American Auto Development Center Raymond, Ohio 1985
Responsibilities: Product development, automobile and safety research & testing.
The North American Auto Development Center (ADC) is responsible for complete product development including the current Honda Pilot, Passport, Odyssey and Ridgeline, and the Acura TLX, TLX Type S, RDX, MDX, and MDX Type S. The Automotive Safety Research Facility within ADC houses one of the world’s most sophisticated high-resolution crash test barrier blocks, the world’s first pitching crash test simulator, a scale wind tunnel, along with other advanced safety research and testing labs.
Honda Automotive Labs of Ohio (HALO) East Liberty, Ohio 2022
Responsibilities: Product development, automobile and safety research & testing.
Honda Automotive Labs of Ohio (HALO) is the world’s most advanced wind tunnel, with three separate state-of-the art testing functions: aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, and racing — in one location. The wind tunnel facility is used to test Honda and Acura products, as well as the company’s race vehicles. The $124 million HALO facility, located at the independent Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC) in Central Ohio, opened in March 2022.
Honda Proving Center of California Cantil, California 1990
Responsibilities: Testing ground for future Honda and Acura products, including automobiles, motorcycles, side-by-sides and ATVs.


Operation Location Began
Ann Arbor Test Lab Ann Arbor, Michigan 1975
Responsibilities: Emissions testing, including simulation of road conditions for the powertrain system.
Denver Test Lab Denver, Colorado 1980
Responsibilities: High-altitude emissions testing and catalyst aging.
Responsibilities: Emissions testing, including simulation of road conditions for the powertrain system.
Pontiac Office Pontiac, Michigan 2017
Responsibilities: Development of fuel cell technologies, including a next-generation fuel cell stack, as part of a joint venture with GM.
Warren Office Warren, Michigan 2018
Responsibilities: Development of autonomous vehicle technology, working in partnership with GM and Cruise and electric vehicles.
Powersports Development Office Raymond, Ohio 1985
Responsibilities: All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and side-by-side research and development.
The Powersports Development Office, now part of American Honda, is responsible for the design, development and market testing of Honda all-terrain vehicles and side-by-side products, like the Talon and Pioneer.
Honda of South Carolina Mfg. Timmonsville, South Carolina 2012
Responsibilities: All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and side-by-side research and development.
Solution System Development Office Haw River, North Carolina 1993
Responsibilities: Power product research, new product development and testing.
The Solution System Office, is responsible for the design, development and market testing of various Honda power equipment products, including products built at North Carolina Manufacturing, which is located adjacent to the development office.
Marine Research Office Grant-Valkaria, Florida 2009
Responsibilities: Marine product research, development and testing.
The Marine Research Office, is dedicated to Honda’s marine business, strategically located on the water in Grant-Valkaria, Florida, in the heart of the U.S. marine industry. Associates at the 11,000 square foot facility are responsible for market research, product development and testing of Honda marine products. Most of the Honda outboard engines sold in the U.S. have been tested here.

Aviation R&D

Operation Location Began
Honda Aircraft Company, LLC Greensboro, North Carolina 2006
Responsibilities: The Greensboro, North Carolina facility is the world headquarters for the Honda Aircraft Company, maker of the HondaJet Elite II, including state-of-the-art R&D, production, administration and customer service facilities to develop, produce, market and support the HondaJet. It has begun R&D activities for the new light jet, HondaJet Echelon.
Honda Aero, Inc. Burlington, North Carolina 2004
Responsibilities: Located adjacent to the Burlington-Alamance County regional airport, the Honda Aero facility, which is the global production home of the HF120 light-jet engine, is the official Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility for the HF120, and features a state-of-the-art test cell, repair and overhaul along with parts warehousing.

Honda Racing Corporation USA

In December 2023, Honda Performance Development became Honda Racing Corporation USA, reflecting the company's new role in Honda's global racing efforts. Collaborating with HRC-Japan, HRC-US supports Honda's global motorsports activities, including the company's Formula One power unit development program.

Operation Location Began
Headquarters Santa Clarita, California 1993
Responsibilities: The U.S. headquarters of Honda Racing Corporation, the Santa Clarita facility designs and develops racing engines, and chassis and performance parts as well as providing technical and race support to Honda-powered race teams.
Indianapolis Development Facility Indianapolis, Indiana 2013
Responsibilities: The Indianapolis Development Facility is home to the HRC-US Indiana Tech Center, providing race preparations support, engineering support and racing simulations for IndyCar race teams.

Honda Innovations Co., Ltd.

In April 2023, Honda established Honda Innovations Co., Ltd. based in Japan, serving as the global head office function for Honda’s open innovation activities including the Honda Innovations office in Mountain View, California, established in 2011. Honda Xcelerator, the outward-facing program of Honda Innovations, supports technology and business innovators through open innovation. Through the Honda Xcelerator program, Honda partners with innovators, including startups across all funding stages as well as global brands.

Operation Location Began
Honda Innovations Office Mountain View, California 2011
Responsibilities: Focus areas include Connected Vehicle/Internet of Things (IoT) services, Human Machine Interface, Machine Intelligence/Robotics, Connected Services, Personal Mobility, Sharing Economy, and Industrial Innovation.

Honda Research Institute USA, Inc.

Established in 2003, Honda Research Institute is North America’s advanced research center that provides innovative solutions to complex problems with direct applications to Honda’s current and future technology road map.

Operation Location Began
Silicon Valley Research Office San Jose, California 2003
Responsibilities: Advanced technology research.
The team of scientists and engineers at Honda Research Institute (HRI) create technologies, often generated through a scientific process, and apply them to real situations, addressing more than just abstract principles. HRI follows an open innovation model that establishes partnerships and alliances with academia and the private sector.
Detroit Research Office Ann Arbor, Michigan 1996
Responsibilities: The Detroit Research Office of HRI conducts research to improve safety for everyone sharing the road, including wireless communication for in-vehicle navigation systems, telematics system design and development, and connected and automated vehicle system research.
Ohio Research Office (99P Labs) Columbus, Ohio 2018
Responsibilities: Advanced research into energy and battery technologies, mobility-related human-computer interaction and software-defined mobility.
Founded by Honda and The Ohio State University, 99P Labs conducts collaborative research and data-driven innovation toward creating a sustainable mobility future. At 99P Labs, students and interns advance innovations through experiential learning and
application of design-thinking, data science, software engineering, and unique approaches to prototype testing.

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