Ed Beadle is the vice president of the Digital Services & Marketing business unit at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., (AHM), leading marketing and CX for both the Honda and Acura automobile brands as well as the company's digital functions.

Beadle joined American Honda in 2012 as the first national media manager for American Honda, where he developed the thinking, strategy and process for the new media department.

In April 2014, he became the senior marketing manager for the Acura brand, leading all marketing efforts of Acura. 

In April 2015, Beadle became the senior manager of digital strategy for American Honda, overseeing the digital marketing infrastructure of the Virtual Garage CGI process for both the Honda and Acura brands. 

In April 2016, he took on a new role for the Acura brand as the senior manager of Integrated Marketing, leading all of Acura's marketing initiatives.  

In April 2019, Beadle became the senior manager of Honda Integrated Marketing, and was promoted to assistant vice president in April 2020.  

In January 2021, he became assistant vice president and Marketing Division Head of Honda and Acura Marketing.

In April 2022, he was promoted to vice president of Marketing & CX, leading Marketing and Public Relations for both the Honda and Acura automobile brands as well as the company's digital CX initiatives.

In April 2023, Beadle assumed his current role as vice president of Digital Services & Marketing, a new business unit that integrated the company's digital functions together with the Marketing & CX business unit to advance efforts to create an attractive, consistent customer experience while accelerating the planning and execution of next-generation business verticals.

Outside of his role at American Honda, Beadle guest lectures at various universities including the University of Southern California, UCLA and the University of Oklahoma. 

Beadle has a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.