Honda Prelude -- Introduction

Designed to be an aggressive sports coupe with superior handling, the Prelude is intended to appeal to drivers who will appreciate its high level of performance and refinement. Specific areas of improvement include enhanced handling, greater technical sophistication, more storage and utility and enhanced safety.

The Prelude is available in two models: Prelude and Prelude Type SH. Both use the same 195-hp (190 hp on A/T model) DOHC VTEC engine with Honda-designed variable valve timing.

The Prelude Type SH also features an innovative Active Torque Transfer System that enhances handling precision.

Stylistically, this latest Prelude is a classic coupe, with separate engine, passenger and cargo areas. The car's strongly raked character line and 16-inch wheels give it an aggressive stance. The front end features large, distinctive free-form reflector headlights. They have greater light output, beam width and range and also serve to distinguish the Prelude from other cars on the road. A power-operated moonroof is standard, as are alloy wheels. The Type SH version also adds a rear spoiler.

The interior is comfortable and exhibits typical Honda attention to ergonomic details. Large, easy-to-read analog gauges sit in a pod, directly in front of the driver.

A locking, full fold-down rear seatback increases the Prelude's cargo-carrying capacity and utility.

An innovative acoustic feedback stereo system actually samples the speaker output and corrects for distortion. The result is improved music response at all frequencies and listening levels. The system is exclusive to Prelude in its class.

An Immobilizer security system with a special key incorporating a digital security code greatly reduces the likelihood of the Prelude being driven away by a thief.

The Prelude VTEC engine has extensive noise and vibration countermeasures in the exhaust and intake system, engine stiffeners, a cast-aluminum oil pan and internal components.

4-speed automatic transmission with a Sequential SportShift is available for the Prelude. Sequential SportShift allows the driver to shift up and down through the gears sequentially, like a racing car gearbox.

An innovative, Honda-developed handling system called Active Torque Transfer System (ATIS) is standard on the Prelude Type SH. This system actually redistributes power to the drive wheels, thereby altering the Prelude's yaw (turning) rate. The result is responsive, neutral handling characteristics when cornering.