2025 Honda CRF250F Features & Benefits

With sharp styling that's inspired by the industry-leading CRF Performance line, but in a friendly, trail-focused package that's year-round off-road-legal in all 50 states, the CRF250F has reliable performances that is suitable for a wide variety of riders—from first-timers exploring the world of off-road recreation to experienced enthusiasts navigating technical trails. The CRF250F boasts smooth power across a wide powerband, thanks in part to its clean-running, electronically controlled fuel injection, and the Showa suspension maintains a comfortable, controlled ride across varied terrain.


  • The 250cc SOHC engine returns with a smooth, linear power delivery.
  • Keihin electronically controlled fuel injection system delivers linear power and easy start-up whether bike has been sitting or is hot on the trail.
  • Four-speed gearbox is well-matched to the broad power spread.
  • Electric starter makes getting going a breeze.


  • CRF Performance Line philosophy of mass centralization applied to vehicle packaging.
  • Tubular-steel frame for a stable, nimble chassis.
  • 41mm fork, plus Pro-Link® rear-suspension system with single shock.
  • Front and rear hydraulic brakes with petal-style rotors for excellent heat dissipation. Smooth stopping power provided by front and rear hydraulic brakes, with 240mm and 220mm rotors, respectively.
  • Front brake lever is adjustable to work with varying hand sizes.
  • 34.8 inch seat height.
  • Wheel sizes of 21 and 18 inches front and rear, respectively.
  • The 41mm fork provides plush front-suspension action.
  • Pro-Link rear-suspension design with sophisticated single shock for consistent action.
  • Styling follows that of the race-winning CRF Performance Line.
  • CRF Performance Line-inspired muffler with compact positioning.
  • CRF Performance Line-inspired bodywork and graphics.
  • Meets CARB and EPA off-road emissions standards (Green-sticker-legal in California).
  • Handlebar-mounted low-fuel and "key on" indicator lights.