Honda Rearview Report: September 21 - October 4, 2019

“This week, we published our 15th annual North American Environmental Report, providing our stakeholders with a detailed look at the environmental impacts of Honda operations in the region, and the efforts we’ve undertaken to minimize those impacts.

At the center of our vision is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change, where we’re targeting a 50-percent reduction in our global CO2 emissions by 2050, compared to 2000 levels.  With 19 major manufacturing facilities, Honda’s largest R&D operation outside of Japan, and roughly a quarter of Honda’s global auto sales, North America has a crucial role to play in this effort. 

We are making significant progress, most critically with the fuel efficiency of our U.S. auto fleet, which is up 27 percent (8.2 mpg) since 2011 – compared to 16 percent (4.6 mpg) for the industry as a whole. 

Through the efforts of our associates, we are also working to reduce emissions from production, the second largest source of GHG emissions related to our business.  Until recently, our effort has been mostly focused on increasing energy efficiency.  Now, we’re moving into a new phase with the increased adoption of renewable energy.  For several years, our Raymond, Ohio, transmission plant has drawn over 10 percent of its electricity from two on-site wind turbines, and our Torrance, Calif., sales headquarters recently added one of California’s largest commercial solar arrays.

Not reflected in our environmental report for this year, but the next big step in our commitment to renewable energy, came last week, when we secured the U.S. auto industry’s largest renewable energy purchase, which will offset 60 percent of the grid electricity used in our North American plants, or roughly all the electricity we consume in our Alabama, Ohio and Indiana production facilities.

Over the past 15 years of the North American Environmental Report we have documented the real progress Honda has made in working toward our global vision for a zero-carbon society.  There are daunting challenges ahead, but by engaging our associates in innovative approaches, we will continue to work toward smarter, safer and more sustainable mobility.” 

Rick Schostek
Executive Vice President
American Honda Motor Co., Inc